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102 Not Out – 7 Golden Rules to live “Forever Young”

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May 10, 2018
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102 Not Out - 7 Golden Rules to live "Forever Young"


102 Not Out Movie -

I love watching movies which teaches me something. After a long time I watched a movie yesterday which inspired me to the Core. The name of this movie is “102 Not Out” and I will highly recommend all of you to watch this movie if you want to live Forever Young. There are 2 important characters in this movie played by Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor. Amitabh is 102 yrs old and he is the father of Rishi Kapoor who is 75 yrs old. Both are completely opposite personalities and have different philosophies of life.

On one hand, Amitabh lives everyday of his life to the fullest, he is happy and having fun all the time, he is the ideal person for our "Forever Young" Mission which I have started. On the other hand Rishi is afraid of Life and Death both. He is a boring person who has no excitement left in life.

7 Golden Rules to be Forever Young -

1. Always tell people how much you love them, because they won’t live forever.

2. Remove the fear of Death and live life to the Fullest.

3. Don’t be dependent on others to make you Happy, learn to be happy by yourself.

4. Have Big Dreams that challenge you and keep your life exciting and give you a reason to wake up everyday.

5. If someone close is not there for you when you need them the most, you are not their priority. So instead of keeping hope, leave them and enjoy with people who are there for you when you need them the most.

6. Spend time with people who are fun, happy, positive and exciting.

7. Dance, Sing, Travel.. All these things will keep you alive. (Don’t be a Dead man when you are alive. Once you die, you will have lot of time to be Dead man.)

What is "Forever Young" Mission ? (Workshop starting from 1st June)

I have started a mission with a Vision - " We all stay younger forever together. When I will be 80, I will be healthy and fit, in great shape. I will run marathons, I will do cycling and everyone around me will be Inspired and see me in an Awe. They will ask me, how is this possible, what do you eat ? How can you be so energetic and healthy in such age?

I want everyone, to be like me by learning my Secret. In this Mission, we all together will inspire everyone around this World. Everyone will see you like, you are Magic. We will be the Forever Young People."

How to be "Forever Young" ? (Workshop starting from 1st June)

I have designed a Workshop to guide you to be Forever Young - "20 Days Magical Health" Workshop (1st June). I will also teach you how to follow 7 Golden Rules to be Young Forever. This is an Online Law of Attraction Workshop which is divided into 3 different areas we will work on -

1. Physical Health

2. Mental Health

3. Spiritual Health

Being healthy is our birth right and we need to work for it. In this workshop I will teach you and make you practice Mind Power techniques, Spiritual Practices, Dynamic Breathing Exercise, Gratitude exercise, Anti-Ageing Practice, Ancient Indian Practice and lot more which will help you to stay healthy in all 3 departments - Physical/Mental/Spiritual.

Click on the given link below to enroll yourself in this workshop -



Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

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