22 Days Magical Relationships

For the first time ever, you will realize how your Physical Body is interconnected with your Spiritual Body. Our relationship with our Soul(Inner Self) decides how our relationships are going to be with our Spouse/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Parents/Siblings/Friends & Children. This workshop has been created because I have been observing, most of my students are suffering in some or other Relationship at one point of time or other. Lot of people are trying to find their Life Partners/Soul Mates from long time but they are not able to find. Lot of them have found their life partners but their relationship with their Parents are not good so their parents are not supporting them in getting married. Lot of them are married but not happy with their married life. Can you relate yourself here..? If “Yes”, then this workshop is definitely for you.

“22 Days Magical Relationship” Workshop is an online workshop. Everyday you will get mail from me in the morning, first thing you have to do daily is, wake up and read my mail and practice accordingly. I will also add you in my Facebook Group where you have to post your practice on daily basis for me to check. If you have any doubts you can mail me or ask me of Facebook chat, and I will solve your doubts on same day itself.

Who Should Attend This Workshop?

This workshop is not for everyone to attend. Only those people who are going through following should attend this workshop
  • If you want to improve your relationship with your Husband/Wife/Girlfriend/Boyfriend

  • If you want to surround yourself with people who love you and respect you

  • If you are planning to get married or want to attract your life partner

  • If you want to know who you really are

  • If you want to be happy and peaceful

  • If you want to understand how your Soul(Inner Self) is guiding you in life

  • If your Children are not behaving well at home


What You Will Learn In This Session
  • You will learn that most important relationship in your life is with your Soul(Inner Self) & this relationship will improve drastically

  • You will learn how your Soul(Inner Self) guides you, Who you are & Why are you here on this Planet

  • What is Vortex and how to live in a Vortex

  • How to be a perfect life partner to attract your life partner

  • Improve your relationship with your diversified family members

  • Parenting: How to have magical relationship with your kids

  • Myths that people believe in, which harm their relationship

  • Answers to most important questions about relationship will be answered.

How To Enroll

Register on Site

– Skip this if you have already done.

Fees for “22 Days Magical Relationship” Workshop is Rs 3000/- (for people from India) & $100/- (for people living outside).

You will find Links in footer of PayUMoney Or

While you do the payment, capture the transaction id (take a screen shot) and mail me to mohitloa@gmail.com

Once you make the Payment and Enroll in our Workshop, you cannot Cancel and there is no Refund.

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  1. Jelam says:

    For this workshop, the date shows from 1st August. What if i would like to Join soon?

    • Mohit Tahiliani says:

      Hello Jelam,

      This is a Special Workshop, we conduct once a year. Only those students who have done our “31 Days Mind Power Magic” Workshop can join this “22 Days Relationship” Workshop. So I will suggest you to join my “31 Days Mind Power Magic” Workshop from 1st July.

      Mohit Tahiliani

  2. Amit says:

    I need to join this workshop

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