30 Days Prosperity Workshop

Truth You Should Know

Why do 1% of the population of the world earn 99% of the money?

Why do Rich people get richer day by day & poor people get poorer ?

If you have been struggling with money or worried about job/business or future, then you have came to right place. It doesn’t matter if recession is going on or the economy is going down, if you want to attract money you can.

My name is Mohit Tahiliani and my intention is to help you to attract money now in your life. It doesn’t matter where you live or what is your education background or weather you are a businessman or having a job. What matters is I care about you and I know that you are ready for a change. I know that because you have came to the right place at right time. I guarantee you results if you take inspired actions in my session.

First of all, I would like you to know that any kind of transformation won’t just happen overnight.

You Are At Right Place

If you have heard or read about Law of Attraction/The Secret book then you know that you can attract abundance of money in your life.

If You Want To Rich

live life in prosperity then you do not want to believe any of the following statements

How many of these believes belong to you? Do you really think that believing any of them will bring you prosperity? It is old, limited thinking. Perhaps it is what your family believed about money, because family beliefs stay with is unless we consciously release them.

What is “30 Days Mind Power Prosperity” Session ?

30 Days Online Session

I have designed 30 Days Online Session which includes Gratitude Practice, Mind Power Practices and 10 simple Rules to understand and follow in your life along with 7 ACTIONS you will take to open the doors of abundance in your life. All you have to do is register for my 30 Days Session and follow the simple steps I will teach you. If you trust the process and take inspired action, you will leave your struggle time behind once and for all.

How Does This Session Works?

30 Days Mind Power Prosperity

  • You will be added in a Facebook group where you have to post your daily practice for me to check.
  • You have to read and practice the techniques I teach you.
  • If you have any doubts or queries, I will share my email id, facebook id and contact number with you so that you can solve your queries on same day itself.
  • In future if you have any doubts or queries, I will be always available to help you as your friend/coach.

Benefits of 30 Days Mind Power Prosperity Workshop

  • You will learn how to Set Financial Goals & Achieve them.
  • You will be able to Remove Money Blockages. (Stuck Money)
  • You will be able to Follow Your Passion & Grow your Business Exponentially.
  • You will Learn to Plan for your Financial Freedom.
  • You will Learn to have Multiple Sources of Income.
  • Increase Your Business Sales & Attract more Clients.
  • You will attract your Dream Job / Promotion in Current Job.

Why You Will Join ?

I was born and raised in a poor family background where both my parents worked hard to some how manage money for my education and basic necessaries of life. I still remember that day when my parents had to let go our maid because they couldn’t afford to pay her Rs 100/- per month ($2/- pm) but that motivated me to become rich and live a prosperous life by attaining financial freedom.

2008 was the turning point of my life when I came across The Secret video. Not only I learned how Law of Attraction works,but I started practicing it from that day itself. Since then I have learned and practiced Law of Attraction, Mind Power techniques and reprogramming our subconscious mind. It’s 2015 now and I have my own business, own car, all my books have been best sellers, I do various online coaching session where people all around the world enroll and take benefits. I am also going to start a new project this year, where I will share my knowledge and experience with college students. I believe that if I can do all this then anyone can do it. All you need is knowledge and a coach who will guide you in right direction.


Fees for this 30 Mind Power Prosperity is Rs 5000/- (for people from India) & $100/- (for people living outside).

You will find Links in footer of PayUMoney

PayTm / GooglePay – 9428153974

While you do the payment, capture the transaction id (take a screen shot) and mail me to mohitloa@gmail.com

Once you make the Payment and Enroll in our Workshop, you cannot Cancel and there is no Refund.


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  1. Akash singh says:

    Sir i want to join this session. Thanku for sending me mails. Thanku sir

    • admin says:

      Hi Akash,

      It will start in Feb 2017. Enrollment is closed. Register on my website. I will mail you when enrollment starts.


  2. Jacksy Joseph says:

    I wanna get enrolled for the 21 days session. Please guide me. Please mail me on jacksy.joseph@gmail.com

  3. Prexa says:

    M intrested in 21 days program.. Can u pls give me details?

  4. Gunjan soneja says:

    I am intrested in 21 days programme
    Kindly send me yr personal number on my mail I’d fr quieries I want sort.

  5. Pragati Tomar says:

    I want to join this 21 mind power prosperity program

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