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365 Days Destiny Program Success story – Manifested my Long Term Desires Easily

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September 12, 2019
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365 Days Destiny Program Success story - Manifested my Long Term Desires Easily


- By, Ishika Bhayana, India

I want to begin my success story with Gratitude. This is my Magic Word.

This journey started in 2011. With my happiness and positive thoughts at that time, I attracted my success in my CA exams. Then my life was running normal. My mother got ill at that time and there were some family issues and my studies all came together. I was little tensed, alone, But I always used to seek for some solution. In 2013, I fell in love at 1st sight. I proposed him and he said a Big NO... I didn’t get upset. I celebrated for the same, because at least I proposed him and I would never have regret that I never expressed my feelings.

Life was moving on, That guy started approaching me little, I came to know that there is something, what I think is possible. I came to know my thoughts become reality. In 2014 one day I was telling this to my one friend about all this, he said Ishika its Secret! .

I said what?

He said- There’s a Movie name “The Secret”, you must watch this movie.

I watched the same day and I thought that’s wonderful. I was so grateful to Rhonda Byrne after watching that movie. My Life started changing. In 10 days I watched that movie for more than 15 times. I searched every author of secret like Joe Vitale, Jack Canfield, Lisa Nicholas, Bob Proctor and others on Facebook and google. I thought at the same time one day I would inspire the millions with my Success Story. But I needed someone who can guide me more and better.

Then I started searching for people in India who knows about Law of Attraction. I didn’t get till few months. Then, one day I was scrolling Facebook and I saw Mohit Tahillani Sir. I first joined his Online “21 Days Prosperity” Workshop. It was wonderful and I manifested my 3 desires of monetary items in the same month. Then I joined Mohit’s Signature Workshop - “31 Days Mind Power Magic” Workshop. All Magic was in my blood. With all my Magic Practices I manifested my Love and got married with the same person, I wished to marry. I joined all the Workshops of Mohit sir and my life became truly Magical. I was continuing my practises and I used to wish and manifest my desires. And after few months I used to see that It’s magic. I almost joined 6 workshops in a year of Mohit sir.

Then In 2018, Mohit sir started “365 Destiny Tuning Program”, for manifesting my Long Term Desires. I read the post and I was thinking that my hubby would never permit me to invest in this. But I thought I can think like my hubby would definitely allow me to do so. On the same evening, I asked my hubby and he allowed me to join without any doubt or questions. I was so happy and requested Mohit sir to Enrol me from the same day itself. I guess I was the first student of his “365 Days Destiny Tuning” program. I had the first phone counselling. He helped me in writing my long term desires.

1. My monthly income increased.

2. I manifested my Vacations.

3. I manifested Armani watch.

4. I manifested my wealth.

5. I manifested my relationship with my 2 close members.

6. I manifested my Desired weight.

7. I manifested my Baby’s boy success.

8. I manifested my Baby girl.

9. I manifested my every month cheque.

10. I manifested my emotional independence.

11. I now respond, then react!

12. I healed my health problems.

13. Mohit sir manifested my dream to become coach.

14. My love life becoming more awesome day by day.

15. I manage my time very efficiently.

16. I manifested my business turnover that much i wished to.

17. I manifested my flawless skin as i wished.

I did that and one by one I manifested 17 out of 20 desires in less than 8 months. And yeah 3 on the way...

For all this I am highly, deeply and fully grateful to the best person of this Universe.... Mohit Sir.

You are my Success partner!

You are Wonderful mentor!

You are Magical.

Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou

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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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