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365 Days Destiny Tuning Program Success Story – Became a Successful Life Coach

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June 8, 2019
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365 Days Destiny Tuning Program Success Story - Became a Successful Life Coach


-By Navreet Gill, India

I am a magnificent, passionate, creative, abundant, confident, loveable , awesome, blissful being . This sounds so beautiful. But it was not the same for me some years back . I was totally an opposite person full of negative beliefs, self doubting, fearful, dependant, insecure and most of all far far away from self love . But in 2011 , I came across 2 books , one was “You can heal your life” by Louise hay , and the other was “ The Secret” by Rhonde Byron . These both books at that time were a wake up call for me as they were totally a new concept for me . I started working on myself according to these books . And little little changes started happening in my life.

As you might have heard in some time of your life that when you are passionate and positive about something in your life “The Universe” starts aligning the path for you . Same thing happened for me . I was deeply touched by Louise ‘s philosophy and in 5 years I came across all those kind of people who were influenced by Louise work . And in 2016 , I went for my teacher training in Louise philosophy and I became an Internationally Certified Facilitator, and then in 2017 I went for my Coach training and I became a Life coach . At the same time I worked with many other modalities from that one was “Law of Attraction by Mohit Tahiliani”. I joined his Online “31 Days Magic” Workshop . Life was really giving me the best .

Now came the time to take my work forward by inspiring people that they could change their lives by getting in touch with their unique skills & abilities. I came up with different different workshops . My 2 workshops went really very well. I was very happy . But after that my every workshop was a flop as nobody showed up for my workshops. And this was the phase of my life where I started self- doubting myself, and my self esteem ones again came down. Because of my self doubt I started attracting those kind of people in my life who were dragging me more down. But at some corner of my heart I had still some light of faith that their is a way .

And in 2018 , October I saw Mohit’s “365 Days Destiny Tuning” Program. I remember I read the flyer 15 to 20 times and thought that the Whole year he’ll be Guiding me . That ‘s so Wonderful. I registered for this program and my First counselling started with Mohit on Phone . I shared my problems with him what I was going through at that time . He listened with so much patience and could come up with subtle solutions which I was not able to see at that time . He told me one thing that ‘ Believe me Navreet you will manifest each and every desire of yours but first you need to bring your Self-confidence back ‘. I don’t know why but I had full faith on him that he will bring the best out of me. With patience and persistence I did whatever he guided me to do . And in four months I manifested half of my Desires.

Firstly: I got my confidence back .

Secondly : I did consistently 3 sessions in one month with 18 to 22 people in each Session .

Thirdly : With full confidence I can speak on any given topic .

Fourthly: Now every month I am leading a Workshop & I have started my Meditation sessions on every Sundays .

Fifth : I have started Coaching people.

Sixth: I love Life & life love me back .

I know I am on the right path & I believe till I finish my program with Mohit I will manifest my each and every Long Term Desire. So in the end I want to say it’s not that we are weak that’s why we need help . It’s because we are strong and aware of what’s happening in our life and ready to accept it and move forward in our life .

I really want to thank Mohit from the bottom of my heart for being such a Wonderful Mentor .

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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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