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365 Days Destiny Tuning Program Success Story – You are the Creator of Your Life

365 Days Destiny Tuning Program Success Story – Made 2019 the Best Year of My Life
January 24, 2020
365 Days Destiny Tuning Program Success Story – Life Transforming Journey
February 4, 2020

365 Days Destiny Tuning Program Success Story - You are the Creator of Your Life


- By, Madhu Lata, IIT Patna, India

I was born and brought up in a middle class Indian family. Since my childhood days I was academically sound. As I grew up, I had a dream to study in one of the IITs. Every Indian would agree with me that getting into an IIT is not a child’s play. I prepared well and got through the entrance exam in the very first attempt and got a call from IIT Patna. After joining IIT Patna I found it difficult to complete the large syllabus in a short span of time. I would feel anxious at times when I wouldn’t be able to complete the assignments despite burning the midnight oil even on the weekends and holidays. Never ever had I studied this much before getting into IIT, still my performance would not be up to the mark. Sensing my fear of failure to cope up with the IIT atmosphere my parents would try to cheer me up every now and then and encourage me to give my best. Deep within, I wanted to change my life. I terribly wanted to get out of those negative feelings and intense fear of failure. I would pray every night to God to help me get out of this zone. Fortunately, my prayers got answered. One day, out of the blue, I got to know about Mohit’s Law of attraction workshop on Facebook. I visited his website and I enrolled myself for “31 Days Magic” Workshop.

Before joining this workshop my life was a complete mess. I was experiencing negative emotions almost every second of the day. My life was miserable. My professors would make negative comments about my performance almost every day. My physical health was falling down. My emotional health was extremely low. I could actually feel myself slipping into the state of depression.

After joining this workshop my life began to change. The gratitude practice shifted my attention from negative things of my life to positive things. In that workshop I attracted a couple of my short term desires. I was extremely happy to be introduced to this wonderful law of the universe. After that I made it a point to join every workshop of Mohit and slowly I started to get results.

A few months later, Mohit introduced his “365 days Destiny Tuning” program. I enrolled myself for the same. After joining this program, I started attracting my desires faster than ever. The personal phone counselling of Mohit helped me a lot to be regular with the practices. He provided answers to all my queries which made me grow faster than ever. To be honest, I never did the practices regularly. But somehow I was able to be in the happy mood always. Being positive 24*7 helped me attract all my desires. Though the list is endless, below are a few manifestations of desires that I would love to share with you all:

1. Magical relationship with my Professors- Now I receive appreciation and positive comment from almost every professor of my college every now and then which seemed to be impossible earlier. I have become a star student of my college. Everybody including non-teaching staffs knows me by my name because of my great academic achievements.

2. Positive research environment- All toxic people are vanished from my lab. My mentor who guides me with my research work is extremely happy with my performance. I get all the facilities required for smooth research work very easily and instantly. My team has become more supportive to me.

3. Personal growth- My self-confidence is sky-rocketing. I am growing exceptionally well in each sphere of my life. People around me are amazed to see my progress. I have manifested an international award for my research work which was my best manifestation ever. Even Mohit was amazed to know about the way I had manifested this. This was for the first time any Indian got this award. My personal life has improved a lot. I have started loving myself more now. My relationship with my roommate has improved dramatically. We get along very well with each other now. My parents are extremely happy to see my inner transformation. My professors are confident of my bright future. I have started loving the process of learning and studying more than ever. I couldn’t have asked for more than this.

4. Health- My health is getting better day by day. I have become a very cool-calm and positive person now. I have learned to see good in every situation. I attract good food in the mess daily which keeps me fit and healthy. Since I stay in the hostel, we use common bathrooms. Every morning, no matter what time I get up, I find one bathroom unoccupied which helps me save my time and get ready without a delay. I don’t find long queues in the mess when I go for breakfast/lunch/snacks/dinner which I used to find earlier.

I can go on and on. The list is really endless. Every day I see magic happening in my life. To sum it up my life has really become magical after getting in touch with Mohit and his team. They are doing wonderful job. I would suggest everyone to be a part of Mohit's workshop as it would help you write your own destiny. The cost of this workshop is nothing compared to the lifetime skills they teach you. I am hopeful to share more success stories with you in the near future as the best things of my life are yet to come.

Thank you so much!

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