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5 Common Reasons Why People Struggle to Find their Ideal Life Partner

Why are most people Struggling in Life ?
March 4, 2021
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March 26, 2021

5 Common Reasons Why People Struggle to Find their Ideal Life Partner


Reason 1 - Family Pressure / Peer Pressure is very common in India where many people feel so much Stress and Pressure that they are always in a Negative Mindset. When you are Negative Vibes, you will attract Negative Situations & People only.

Reason 2 - Most people have Negative beliefs about Marriage. This is why they are commitment phobic. We believe what we see around us. Many Tv Series / Movies / bad Parenting teaches us that Relationships are all about Compromise / Fights / Life is over after Marriage. If you have this believe you will always struggle.

Reason 3 - Wrong reasons for getting Married. Most people get married because of wrong reasons like - My friends are married so I should too. My Parents need someone to help them so I should marry a girl who will help them. If you think like this, you will attract wrong people.

Reason 4 - Lack of Self Love. If you don't love yourself then you will always see others to love you. When you expect too much from others, you will always get hurt. Most people in India are not taught about Self Love in Childhood so they keep running after people. Millions of people still want their Ex-Back. They don't have any Self Respect / Self Image / Self Love.

Reason 5 - People are confused. There is no one to Guide them or Mentor them how to use your Positive Mindset and attract the Idea Life Partner they want. All the people who are forcing them are their Parents or Relatives who themselves are not happy in their Marriage. Having a Mentor makes the Process very easy.

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