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5 Super Magic Practice to make 2016 the best year of your life

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November 10, 2015
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March 16, 2016

5 Super Magic Practice to make 2016 the best year of your life


As you know "31 Days Mind Power Magic" Session is a life transforming session with best results till date & you must have read hundreds of success stories till now. But this one is special. In my 1st Jan 2016 workshop, for the first time I added Super Magic Practices based on my survey on what people really want in their life, and I am going to repeat this New Year Special workshop once again starting 1st March 2016.

What is so special about New Year Edition of "31 Days Mind Power Magic Session"?

I have included 5 Super Magic Practice for 5 different Manifestation –

1. Super Magic Practice 1 – Attract your Life-Partner/Soul-Mate in 2016.

2. Super Magic Practice 2 – Lose weight/Gain weight/get your desired weight. Heal your illness and become healthy and fit.

3. Super Magic Practice 3 – Be the Happiest person you know in 2016.

4. Super Magic Practice 4 – Get your Dream Job in 2016.

5. Super Magic Practice 5 – Have Multiple sources of Income & become Money Magnet in 2016.

I believe these 5 Super Magic Practice along with other Magic practices will make your 2016, the Best Year of your life. No doubts about that.

Love & Light,


Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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  1. Neha Desai says:

    I use yr techniques it seems good….

  2. nagendra dhar diwan says:

    how can i apply this in my life.

  3. avantika verma says:

    Fee structure and place of training

  4. Ambika says:

    i wanna experience these things

  5. Rahul khaire says:

    I like it

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