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5 Ways to Stay Positive in Covid Times

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5 Ways to Stay Positive in Covid Times


Hello Magical Friends

Is Covid Increasing Cases affecting your Mental Health ? Are you Feeling Stressed / Anxiety / Uncertain / Depressed / Worried / Feared / Negative ?

Being Positive & Mentally Strong is the need of the Hour. We have to be Strong & Positive in such times. We have to keep motivating ourselves, staying away from Negativity around us & also help others in need..

5 Things you can do to Stay Positive & Mentally Strong in Covid Times -

1. Start your Day with Positive Morning Rituals - I always start my day with giving 1 Hour for myself. I sit in my Garden, I meditate there, I exercise for 30 Minutes & enjoy the sound of birds which makes my Morning very Positive. You should do it too.

2. Practice Gratitude the whole day - Gratitude is the Best Attitude. It changes your focus completely and helps you stay Positive in every situation. I start my day with being Grateful for what I have & I keep on Practicing it every 2-3 hours . It just keeps me on High Vibes. Try this out.

3. Change your Perception - It’s very important to see the Positives in Current Negative Situation we are in. I have Made a list of 10 Positive things in our current Covid Situation we are in. I read it daily and be Grateful for all Positive things daily. It helps me stay Positive whole day.

4. Do what makes you Happy - This is very important. Stay away from News or Negative People. Start doing more of what makes you happy. I do at least 5-6 things daily that make me happy. This is also called Self Love. I love myself a lot. You can try it too..

5. End your Day with Positive Night Ritual - How we start and end our day is very important. So I always laugh for 1-2 hours every night before I sleep. I watch Comedy Shows and laugh like crazy. You can do different things to stay Positive.

I want you to follow these 5 things daily to start Positive & Mentally Strong in Covid Time. It has helped me a lot & I believe it will help you a lot. If you need my Personal Coaching , you can also join my upcoming “31 Days Mind Power Magic” Workshop starting from 1st May 2021. In this Life Transforming Workshop you will get following benefits

1. You will Train your Mindset to be Positive in Every Situation.

2. You will Master on how to set Goals & Manifest your Desires in 1-2 months.

3. You will become one of the Happiest & Positive People in the World.

4. You will learn to live your Life to the Fullest.

5. You will master Law of Attraction & Discover your Inner Powers.

6. You will improve in your Health , Relationships, Career, Mental Health, Happiness, Peace of Mind & more..

So, if you are interested in Transforming your Life Completely, my "31 Days Mind Power Magic Workshop" is best for you. I will also personally Mentor you on a daily basis..

Workshop Starting from 1st May 2021. Limited Seats Only.

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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

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