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Are you a Driver or a Passenger ?

July 29, 2017
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July 24, 2017
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August 7, 2017

Are you a Driver or a Passenger ?


You must have heard a famous Line – There are 2 type of people in this World. First one is Passenger and second one is a Driver. So who are you ?

The first category of the people are Passengers. 90% of the population of our world lies in this Category. Few years back I was in this Category too. I used to feel hopeless, I used to compromise in life. When I cleared my board exams, I got 64% only. I was struggling in getting admission in any decent college in Gujarat. So I had to compromise and take admission in a Low Grade College. I loved Computers but I didn’t got Computer Engineering, so I had to compromise and take Electronics and Communication Engineering. I was coming from a financially low background, so when I used to see my School friends party and celebrate more often by I felt sad and hopeless as my parents didn’t have lot of money to give me to party with them. This is one of the reason I have only 1 school friend with whom I am in touch with now.

People who fall in this category feel that they don’t have any control over life. They feel that life is tough and they have to struggle and compromise. Dreams don’t always come true and so they are not happy most of the times. Less self-esteem and low confidence is the output of such people. They look for job security and feel that they will live a normal life till the end.

Thanks to the knowledge I gained from the books I read on Law of Attraction, the workshops I attended and 7 years of my practice which made me shift from a Passenger to Driver category. I am the happiest person now.

Drivers are people who believe they can live their Dream life. They are people who believe in themselves and they know and practice Law of Attraction exercises on daily basis consciously or not. They are people who Dream Big and are not afraid to take risk. They have an awesome habit of continues learning through their Coaches/Guides/Teachers, Books, Workshops. They know that they have the power to write their own Destiny. These people become the most Successful people you know, who inspire other to live their Dream life.

I am very happy that I am a Driver now. I know that I create my future and I am enjoying my present and creating my Desired Future the way I want it to be. So it doesn’t matter how many years you have spend in Passenger category like me, you can shift any given moment to Driver category.

It took me years to shift from a Passenger to Driver as I didn’t have a Coach/Teacher who will guide me, but now I am very happy to guide thousands of people to shift from Passenger to Driver in just few months. We all deserve abundance of Happiness, Love, Joy, Wealth, Health and more. So don’t wait anymore. Life is not meant to struggle, it is meant to be lived with Abundance.

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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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