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Best Case Scenario

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December 26, 2015
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Best Case Scenario


I am not surprised to see that most of the people are suffering in one or more areas of their lives no matter what age group they are of. The reason is very simple to understand if you observe your life from childhood days. We are born in a society which prepares us to face the worst case scenario.

Yes, this is the main reason why people can’t live their life to the fullest in all areas of life. From childhood our parents scare us of so many things in general. For example - If you don’t study well, you will fail, you won’t get admission in your desired college, you won’t get a good job. We are scared to death from the time we are kid. Here is another simple example - Don’t talk to strangers, they will kidnap you or do something bad to you. Don’t drive bicycle on road, you will get hit by a car and so on. I believe everyone of you must have experienced these fears in childhood unless and until your parents are wisest person on this planet.

When we are born, we don’t have any beliefs. Our mind is open to think about anything. Everything is possible at that time period of childhood. When we are kids, we are taught to think about the worst case scenarios. When you watch news, they won’t show you good things people do but they will only show the worst thing happening around. We are scared by our society from centuries, don’t do this or what will society say. There is so much pressure on kids these days. Till the time we get jobs, we have programmed our mind with fears and thinking about worst case scenarios.

If you don’t believe me see the reaction of a kid when you tell them, “I have got a call form your principle, they want to talk to your parents.” I bet all the kids will start thinking negative and feel scared. Tell any adult that your parents rushed in a hospital, it won’t take time from them to imagine the worst case scenarios. When anything happens unplanned and when you don’t get time to think then your mind will start thinking in the negative way. This is how our minds have been programmed from childhood.

But I am happy to say that you can reprogram your mind, you can delete all the old program and install new programs and beliefs which will help you to live your dream life without any stress. You can attract abundance in all areas of life. No matter what age you are, no matter where you live, no matter what past you have, you can reprogram your mind if you are alive on this planet. Yes, you can start today.

Take a pen and a note. Give a title - Best case scenarios for my life

Divide your life into these areas - Health, Wealth, Relationship, Career, Happiness & Peace of Mind. Now for every area, write one page on what can be the best case scenario. For example health, you can start with - I am perfectly healthy and fit these days. I can run 2 km without any break, I have a sexy beach body and I eat anything and everything that keeps me healthy. I have a strong immune system and I have a quick healing system. Every cell in my body is health and happy…….

Write the best case scenarios of your life in every area. I know you won’t feel the difference in 1 day, but when you write you will feel happy, excited and exhilarate. What you think, what you feel and what manifest is always a match. So feeling happy and excited along with thinking what you want on regular basis. Write daily for 21 Days and I guarantee you will see results in your life.

Love & Light,


Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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  1. Rishikesh Bharat says:

    It’s so simple & Beautyful Sir,
    Just now I read the message of Love Commandos, about mis-understanding/ lack of understanding of parents with their young childrens.,
    which I found that relates here in your p+ points notedown message.
    if parents would notice/analyze & apply this no-one will get hurt in Love & they’ll miss their threat of society.

  2. राजेश says:

    Mr. Mohit,

    After reading this “specifically for best case scenario” i feel goosebumps in my body.

    Thanks you for making my thinking +ve towards Life….

  3. Sonali v bhatt says:

    Oh yes!
    It was so wonderful and refreshing tip of your on the topic ” BEST SCENARIO OF LIFE”
    Thank you for this

    Looking forward for some more from you Sir.

  4. Shams says:

    जब से मैंने द सेकरेट फिल्म देखी , मुझे जब भी निराशा घेरती है मैं उसे देखने लगता हूं पल भर में मेरी निराशा दूर होने लगती है मगर उससे आगे मैं बहुत ज्यादा हासिल नहीं कर पाया, शायद अभ्यास नहीं कर पाया ? कैसे करूं ? शायद आप मेरा मार्गदर्शन कर सकें !


    • admin says:

      Please write in English for me to understand properly.

      Thank you 🙂

      • Aakanksha yadav says:

        Mohit he is saying that the day he have seen the secret first time.from that day whenever he feel low and negative then he saw the secret again and felt better but he is not able to do more than that. He does not know what to do and how to do. So he is asking about your guidance.

        🙂 🙂 🙂

        Shams you can join magical session of Mohit. You will understand everything in detail with excellent and true guidance.
        He is magical .

  5. kinjal vasa says:

    hi..i just wanted to know you asked me to write for 21 each day what i newly feel in all spheres of life i have to write that????

    • admin says:

      Hi Kinjal,

      Everyday you can write the same or something different. Completely your choice.

      Mohit Tahiliani

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