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Best way to Master “Law of Attraction”

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January 8, 2018
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January 12, 2018

Best way to Master “Law of Attraction”


Everyone knows that “We are the Creator of our own Life”, but why do people have lot of stress and problems in life. People have read books like “The Secret” , but still why are they not able to transform their life ?

We have found the Reason & Solution -

Reading = Knowledge (Not Result)

Daily Teachings + Daily Practice + Daily Personal Coaching = Results

I am Mohit Tahiliani, Law of Attraction Coach and founder of India’s 1st Online Law of Attraction School - “Mind, Body & Soul”. My passion is to help people and I am doing it by teaching Law of Attraction in a Unique way which will give results. I found about Law of Attraction in 2009, the year that changed my life completely. I attracted abundance of Health, Wealth, Happiness, Peace and lot more in my life.

When I started living my Dream Life, I noticed that people around me are not able to understand and use Law of Attraction in correct way. I did lot of research and found out that people read Life Transforming books like “The Secret” , which is one of my Favorites, but they didn’t understand the knowledge completely, some did but they struggle to practice daily. I did more research and found out the Solution to this -

Daily Teachings + Daily Practice + Daily Personal Coaching = Results

Law of Attraction is a Subject which you can’t learn in 1 day, it takes time and practice to learn, like other subject in our Schools and Colleges. The reason we got good marks in Schools and Colleges is because we had special teachers of that Subject to teach and help us on daily basis. This is what is missing when you learn Law of Attraction. So after 5 years of experience, in 2014 I started helping people around me through my “31 Days Mind Power Magic” Session which is a Life Transforming Online workshop on Law of Attraction.

The results people got were beyond my expectations, the equation was complete as the workshop has Daily Teaching, Daily Practice and Daily Personal Coaching on Law of Attraction. Results started to come in and today we have 9000+ students in our School learning Law of Attraction on daily basis.

How to start getting Results ?

We suggest you to start with our FREE “7 Days Basic Law of Attraction” teachings, there is no practice or Personal Coaching but we want to have a bond and good connection with you first. After you complete this, you can join our Advance Workshop - “31 Days Mind Power Magic” Session which I conduct from 1st of Every Month. This is the workshop were you will get Results and you can master Law of Attraction easily under my Personal Coaching.

Register yourself in our Free “7 Days Law of Attraction” Basic Teachings for Free -


Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

(Email) -

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