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Do you Have Big Dreams like Me ?

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May 19, 2020
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June 25, 2020

Do you Have Big Dreams like Me ?


Do you Have Big Dreams like Me ? - By Magical Mohit

I remember, when I was a Kid, I used to Dream Big like - “I will be Rich & Famous” “I will Buy my own Bungalow / Pent House / Beach House “ “I will Travel the World” “I will follow my Passion and I will have Lacks of Fan Followings.” “I will Inspire Lacks of People”.

Do you Dream Big ?

Do you want to Follow your Passion and start your Business Venture ?

Do you want to take your Business to the Next Level ?

I Believe, we all Deserve to have Abundance of Money / Happiness / Success in our Life. But we are not Living our Life to the Fullest. You can do far better then what you are doing. Most people hate their jobs, most Businessmen work for Money and not for their Passion. Most people work very Hard and still they are not able to Achieve their Money Goals.

After some times most of us doubt our Capabilities, we don’t know what to do & how to attract Abundance of Wealth & Prosperity in our Life. It’s Normal, even I had fears & Money Blockages which were stopping me to follow my Dreams. But the Good News is I overcame but learning and following Spiritual Laws of Money and now I am living my life to the Fullest. I want to share this knowledge with as many people as possible so everyone can live their life with Abundance and live their life to their fullest potential. So I am going to conduct 30 Days Advance Prosperity Workshop from 1st June which is divided into 4 Phases -

1. Phase 1 - 7 Spiritual Laws of Money

2. Phase 2 - How to Remove Money Blockages

3. Phase 3 - How to Attract your Dream Job / Find your Passion and start your Business / Grow your Business

4. Phase 4 - 7 Steps to Attract Abundance of Wealth / Prosperity / Happiness / Joy in every Area of Life

Every Phase will have Daily Fun Activities which will take your Vibration to the Next Level. On Weekends we will play Prosperity Games. You will also learn how to Manifest your Money Goals in 30 Days. For the 1st time every I will teach about -

1. Good Money Vs Bad Money

2. Spiritual Law of Money Vs Human Laws of Money

3. Find your Soul Purpose and Life Path

4. Unlimited Thinking Practice

5. How to Invent Money

Are you Excited to take you Life to the Next Level ?



Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

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