April 29, 2019

“Do you have any Problems in Life ? Here is the Best Solution”

Last week I was sitting in my Office, I wanted to take a Break from Work, so I started listening to Music and going through some Pictures on Facebook. Within 2 Minutes I saw this Wonderful Quote which made me so Happy and Excited. I was literally Jumping with Happiness.......
April 21, 2019

365 Days Destiny Tuning Program Success Story – 360 Degree Life Transformation

By, Dr. Suthanthira Kannan, India 2018 was really a Worst year of my Life. I was without hope in my life, poor relationships, my business was not in Good Profit, I didn’t have my Dream Govt Job. I was very short tempered and pessimistic guy. . . .
March 26, 2019

Law of Attraction Success Story – Came out of 7 Years of Insomnia, Depression and Negativity

By, Zainab, India 
I'm really Grateful for this “31 Days Mind Power Magic” Workshop & Grateful write my Success Story, as it was also one of my Desire. I was a girl suffering from insomnia because of that depression, frustration, . . .
March 22, 2019

365 Days Destiny Tuning Program – Life Changed from Negative to Positive

By, Payal Kapoor, India I am practicing “Law of Attraction” from The Secret from last 5 Years but, I was not able to Attract things and was having a feeling that something is missing. My world changed after I joined . . .