July 29, 2017

Are you a Driver or a Passenger ?

You must have heard a famous Line – There are 2 type of people in this World. First one is Passenger and second one is a Driver. So who are you ? The first category of the people are Passengers. 90% of the population of our world lies in this Category. Few years back…
July 24, 2017

Is Self Love truly Selfish ?

Some say, self love is not selfish, while some.thinks self love is selfish. Let us look at what exactly self love is.
Self love is nothing but being aware that nobody in this world will provide you with love that your own self can make you feel. It is that abundance amount of love in…
July 24, 2017

Law of Attraction Success Story – Responding Positively In Intense Situation

By, Balwinder, India I joined “31st Day Mind Power Magic” session in Nov 2016 and it helped me a lot in life in all aspects. I understood the power of Gratitude. Honestly whenever I read Magic stories and how Law of Attraction worked for people seemed to be questioning somewhere in mind. How would it…
July 21, 2017

Law of Attraction Success Story – Got 300% Hike in Salary

By, Gaurav Tekade, India I had seen the secret video many year ago. I started practicing Law of Attraction, but unable to implement it on regular basis. I was finding a mentor for proper guidance. I started searching for mentor/counselor from India to whom I can trust and universe introduce me to Mohit Tahiliani…