Law of Attraction Success Stories

March 22, 2019

365 Days Destiny Tuning Program – Life Changed from Negative to Positive

By, Payal Kapoor, India I am practicing “Law of Attraction” from The Secret from last 5 Years but, I was not able to Attract things and was having a feeling that something is missing. My world changed after I joined . . .
March 20, 2019

Law of Attraction Success Story – Created a Job Vacancy

By, Vidhi Shah, India I am so glad to share will all of you that, today I received a call for a Job, in my favorite department. There was No-Vacancy for Job in that department. Still in my interview which was one months back I told them that . .
March 8, 2019

Law of Attraction Success Story – Cleared my CA Exam

By Mohit Bhutada, India This is CA Mohit Bhutada, I m very Thankful to Mohit Tahiliani Sir, that he has given me an Opportunity to post my Success Story. It started something around One year back, when I was frustrated from. . .
March 8, 2019

365 Days Destiny Tuning Program Success Story – Stress Gone, Got Job after 5 Years.

By Palak, India By Sakshi, India 2018 was very Tough for me. I was not able to think even what should I do for myself. As I was Jobless . I have nothing to do for Whole day. I was finding a Job from past 5 years. But I didn’t . . .