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How to Change your Belief System ?

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How to Change your Belief System ?


You are the Creator of your Universe & you create what you Think, Feel & Believe. What we believe is very important, because it is part of our Subconscious Mind. Our Subconscious mind is very powerful and is responsible for what we attract in our life using Law of Attraction. So it is very important to have positive beliefs in our Subconscious Mind.

Why do only some people live a Happy & Successful Life ?

Why do most people struggle in life ?

It's all about our Beliefs. Great people have beliefs like -

1. Everything is Possible in this Universe.

2. I am the Creator of my Life.

3. I believe, all my Dream will come true.

4. I believe in myself, no matter what other people think.

5. I deserve the best in everything.

6. Life is meant to be easy and fun.

7. Everything comes to me easily & effortlessly.

But majority of people don’t have such beliefs, that is the reason why they have so many problems in life. The important question here is - How do I change my Beliefs and Negative Thought Patterns ?

There is a way to open your Subconscious Mind, remove old believes and thought patterns and replace them with new Beliefs and thought patterns. It takes 21 days to do it for permanent result.

Daily practice for 15 Minutes to change your Belief System -

Make a list of limiting beliefs / negative belief / negative thought pattern which you want to replace.

Example -

Limiting Belief - “I have to work hard for everything I want.”

New Belief - “Everything l want comes to me Easily & Effortlessly”

Now, daily 15 minutes sit in a place where no one can disturb you, you should be wearing comfortable cloths. You can sit in any comfortable position you like, you can also lie down on bed. Once you close your eyes, relax you body and mind for 2 minutes. Tell yourself - “Relax Body, Relax Mind, Relax Body, Relax Mind….. “ .

After approximate 2 minutes, you start affirming in your mind - “Everything I want, comes to me Easily & Effortlessly”. Do this till your 15 minutes alarm buzzes. If you can’t do it for 15 min, start with 5 min and then increase it gradually for 15 min daily.

If you do this powerful practice for 21 days continuously, your Subconscious Mind will have your old Belief replaced by new Belief and you can see the changes in your life in just few weeks.

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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

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    Easy and Perfect Solution.

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