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CORONA – 7 Benefits to Humanity and Planet Earth

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March 16, 2020
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CORONA - 7 Benefits to Humanity and Planet Earth


As a Law of Attraction Coach, I believe we all Coaches / Healers / Spiritual Teacher / Counsellors and a good Citizen of this Planet want this things to happen and we teach and preach this to our followers so that we all can live a Happy, Peaceful and Balance life with Nature.

But when you don’t learn your lessons in a easy way, Universe then tries to teach your the same in a hard way like we are facing today a Pandemic Situation. But the Good News is that Earth is Healing and going high on Vibration, Energy of our planet is going high and you need to also lift your Energies to stay on this planet.

7 Positive Things to do which will help you Raise your Vibrations


This mind cleansing reflects our beliefs, your thoughts, attitude towards ourselves, others and more specifically our environment. Our minds need to be cleansed. This virus has something to teach us. Think for a second, this is saying I am here to tell you,’ reflect on your thoughts of only thinking for yourself most of the times. It is teaching you “think for all”, this world rests on each other’s conscious understanding of life as “We all are one and Oneness is now needed to be seen”. Remember - We all are Connected. We need to learn that What we think effects the greater Consciousness of our Planet Earth.


Our emotions are the ways we react to others and situations. Emotions transfer energy to everything around us. Now, again this is the time to get back on our emotion’s quality from where this situation has come. Stop reacting, stop feeling fear, stop feeling bad or negative towards this ever-nurturing environment. This Corona Virus is teaching us “rebuild your emotions” as one with, others and this environment, with more empathy. Human existence and world existence are co-habitual, and it is possible with support, loving everyone and everything with the feeling of everything belongs to me and I belong to everything. It’s time to learn how to Respond Positively in every Unexpected Situation.


No life whether human or animate can exist without understanding of togetherness. Ecosystem exists only with cooperation and love for one another. It is showing now that do love me now as you love yourself. Corona Virus is teaching us, I take you all because at conscious level, your actions are taking everything- i.e. ‘oneness, love and belongingness, togetherness’, that look I am taking away everything from you now as you had been taking away everything from nature till now. We need to learn to stay together Happily.


It’s time to live life with spirituality now, a way of living with “oneness and compassion” and stop acting against each other. This theme of living only for oneself-has brought the condition of nature, to that alarming stage where nature is telling you don’t live against me, live with me. This is an alarm. The whole universe is one entity. We can be happy and healthy, if all are happy and healthy as a one single unit. We need to learn to grow Spiritually as well, to raise our Vibrations and Inner-Powers.


Due to Corona virus, restrictions on movements outside has bound us to stay at home making bond among family members more now is compulsory with our family members which we have missed since years or waited for long. This bond needs time to reflect at the situation of Corona Virus not outwardly but inwardly also. Overall people are viewing the situation which need change, love, time and yes, awareness where we are going towards and how we are going towards. This Corona Virus is reminding us of the warmness of the love among family members now. We need to learn how to balance our Personal and Professional Life.


We introspect hardly and that is why we don’t know how our quality of life is being affected both internally and externally. Scarcity of food items, closure of schools, malls, restaurants, theaters making people panic more because they don’t know when this situation gets over affecting present life as well future life from all sphere. This situation tells more about are too much dependency on every resource , say outside food, too much traveling, neglecting family members and their needs, overuse of resources ; all these conditions are saying , stop ‘ look at scarcity with a view point of taking responsibility of adjustment, using resources wisely and live life with “responsible actions”. We need to spend ME TIME with ourselves and do Self - Analysis on how we can make our Life better.


We are looking at economy, our developments, technology, resources and we forget to filter our commitment towards keeping nature secure, our family happy. Our duty of taking care of ecosystem, is not filtered. We are living as we have no choice, rather if we see and realise we have a choice and that is, living with a choice of unity, filtering our actions before taking everything to extremes. We need to learn to change our Priorities ad live a Happy and Positive Life.

To conclude, Corona Virus is an alarming - human consciousness the way we are thinking, feeling, acting against each other and hence for ourselves. This is a reality check, come in cohesiveness to support all life forms, limit your actions which are aim at individual level only. Virus, illness, diseases can be of any type in any form. The underlying teaching is to stop at root cause and searching for treatments instead to mend our lifestyle.

We humans can find treatments within ourselves to support each other, to reduce the frequency of “Individualisation’, because we cannot exist if we are not “one”, love all, bring “oneness”.

It’s time to change ourselves from Within. We all need to work on our Inner-self because your Outer Reality is nothing but the reflection of your Inner-Reality.


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Mohit Tahiliani & Nikita Singhal

Law of Attraction Coach

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