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Everything Is Energy: Create your Reality the Way you Want

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August 16, 2021
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October 24, 2021

Everything Is Energy: Create your Reality the Way you Want


We've all known that everything is energy, but many of us still lack a clear understanding of what this means. The good news is that once you really understand that everything is energy, you open the door to shaping your world into anything you want. This is very important to understand if you follow the Law of Attraction.

Why is everything Energy ?

According to the work of physicist Albert Einstein, Energy can’t be Created or Destroyed. Einstein also argued that we all shape our reality with our perspectives – and, as we'll see, this is something we can take advantage of when trying to manifest change. We can shape it however we want, and there is empirical evidence that Einstein was right to suggest this. The most frequently cited proof comes from the field of quantum physics, where something called the double-slit experiment was carried out.

Why Understanding Energy is Important in “The Law of Attraction” ?

When we Follow “The Law of Attraction '', we are changing our Vibrations & Frequencies to Manifest our Desires. As you know that everything is Energy, every Word or every Thought has its Energy then it is very important to understand that whatever we want in our life - Money / Health / Relationship / Vacation - Everything has its own Energy.. If you understand this then you will easily be able to change your Vibrations to match the Vibrations of what you want.

How to Change your Energy ?

Now we know that we can Change our Energy to change our Reality. Some of the ways to change your energy to make it more Positive are -

1. Meditation

2. Exercise

3. Self Love

4. Eating Healthy Diet

5. Having Positive Thoughts

6. Having Positive Beliefs

7. Living in the Present & Enjoying the Present

8. Positive Affirmations

9. Creating your Desire List & Vision Board

10. Cut Off from Negativity around you

Start Manifesting your Desires -

Once you start following these 10 things , you will see immediate change in your Energy & Vibrations. Within a few days you will be able to start Attracting Positive Situations & People. In a few Weeks you can also Manifest your Desires. Remember - Everything is Energy & you can change your Energy so it means “You have the Power to Change your Destiny”.

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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

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