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Creation Vs Co-creation

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March 22, 2018
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March 24, 2018

Creation Vs Co-creation


When it comes to Law of Attraction, we all know that we are Powerful Creators. We create our own Life. But still lot of people face problems in creating the life they want. Why ..?

I have been doing research from last 1 year, observing my students. I mostly observe which desires are manifesting quickly and which desires take time and have difficulties to manifest. After few months I found a pattern.

It was easy to manifest when we Create something we want for ourselves, but when more then one person is involved then it’s called Co-creation and this is where they are facing problems. I will give you a simple example on both the cases.

1. Creation - If I want to attract unexpected Rs 10000/- for myself, I will practice various Law of Attraction exercise and set a date and I can easily attract the money, it will come from unexpected sources.

2. Co-creation - If I have a business, where 4 partners are involved. I want my Business to grow 30% every year and if I practice Law of Attraction to manifest my goals then it won’t be as easy as creation because other 3 people’s Destiny is tangled to my Destiny. So what they think and believe will also effect the outcome of Business. This is where people struggle to manifest their Desires.

Anything which involves more then one person is called Co-Creation, for example attracting your Wedding, Business growth when you have partners, shifting to a new home, etc.

What is the Solution ?

Co-creation can be tricky, because if many Destinies are tangled together all of them needs to be on same vibration of being in alignment of desire to manifest. You need to convince other people to think and feel in a way, so that they are in similar vibes like you.

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