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Discover the 5 Elements of Mind

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June 29, 2021
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Discover the 5 Elements of Mind


Most people in this World are Working Hard for their Dreams. Most people know about Law of Attraction & they are practicing daily but still they are not able to Manifest their Desires easily.. Why ..?

In my last 11 Years of Research on Law of Attraction & Mind Powers, I have Discovered 5 Pillars of Mind which I call 5 Elements of Mind. When our 5 Pillars are Strong then Life is Easy, we are always Happy & Positive , our Desires Manifest very Easily & Effortlessly.

But if you are experiencing struggle in life, if you are not able to get your desired Results, if you have a lot of problems in life or if you feel Stuck in Life then one or more of your Elements of Mind is weak. When our Mind Elements are weak, we can't have a Happy & Successful Life. If you want to have a Successful Life then your Pillars / Base should be Strong like a Building..

What are the 5 Elements of Mind ?

Element 1 - Living in the Present & Enjoying the Present

If you think a lot about the Past then you will feel Sad & Depressed. If you think a lot about Future then you will feel Stress / Tension / Anxiety. Am I right ?

Element 2 - Vibrations

Everything is Energy & Vibrations. If your Vibrations are High, you will be Happy all the time. But if your Vibrations are Low, then you will feel Negative & Low in Life.

Element 3 - Belief System

Our Subconscious Mind is very Powerful. Belief Systems is a part & we even don't know that we have been Reprogramming our Belief System from Childhood. Everyone has Negative Beliefs which act as a Blockage when you grow up in life. Most people have Negative Beliefs on Money, Relationship, Health & Life itself, hence they face a lot of Challenges in these areas.

Element 4 - Inner Dialogue

How you talk with yourself is called Inner Dialogue or Self-Talk. Most people have Negative Self Talk, they are always Criticizing themselves & this is why their Confidence is Low in life.

Element 5 - Emotional Guidance System

We have an Inbuilt GPS, our Soul is always guiding us which is the best way to live our life. Do you know that ? Most people are confused in life, a lot of us make Wrong decisions in life then we regret or we feel stuck.

When you Master these 5 Elements of Life or Pillars of Life, then Happiness , Success will come to you. Life will be Magical, Desires will Manifest easily & effortlessly. We are starting a New MasterClass - "Master 5 Elements of Mind" MasterClass from 1st August.

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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

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