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Do You Want To Overcome Stress / Anxiety / Overthinking ?

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Do You Want To Overcome Stress / Anxiety / Overthinking ?


I believe everyone must have read these lines given in the Pic above and most of you understand it. The question is how many of you really enjoy the PRESENT? How many of us Live in the PRESENT ?

I observed people when I go for a walk every morning. Their faces can literally tell you their story. I see few people walking as if it’s a punishment. Few of them are thinking about what went wrong yesterday or planning for what they will do today. They are physically present but mentally somewhere else.

Coming back home from walking, I ask my sweetheart Grandma, “How many rounds did you walk today?” She replies and her next question will be, “What will you have in Lunch?” & “What will you have for breakfast?” and sometimes she also asks me in the morning “What will you have in Dinner?” She is so stressed in the morning itself thinking about what has to be cooked at night for dinner. I always say, “Make anything you want, but with Love.”

I don’t understand why people worry about the past and future? They don’t realize that they are not just worrying and which will cause them health issues in the long term but in the short term, they are wasting their gift, “PRESENT” which we can enjoy no matter what the past or future is.

How to enjoy PRESENT? is a common question I am asked these days

Well it’s not rocket science I will say. All you have to do is enjoy what you are doing at the moment. To make it more clear and simple to understand, I will share some of my personal life experiences.

When I am having meals at home, I not only eat but I enjoy it. I enjoy the smell of the food, I enjoy how it looks, I enjoy the taste of the different vegetables and spices added. I don’t think about anything else but food.

Similarly, when I wake up every morning, the first couple of hours of my day is spent on being healthy and nourishing my soul. I go for a 5 Km walk & after coming from the walk, I have 10 minutes rest and practice Meditation for a minimum of 20 minutes. No matter how much work I have to do and how tight my schedule is going to be on that day, I don’t even think about it in the first couple of hours. After I get ready, enjoy my breakfast & leave for the office, then I shift my mind on work and start thinking about what all things are to be done today, what payments need to be made today and so on.

I believe you get my point with the few examples. When you are working, enjoy your work, don’t think about what will be the situation at home or what all grocery items you need to bring back while going back home tonight. When you leave the office then switch your mind to family and your home sweet home. After reaching home, don’t talk much about your job; don’t even think about it till the next morning. You can enjoy it only when you are completely there in the moment. Don’t just do it for yourself but do it for the people who love you. They deserve your quality time, talking to you, enjoying with you & making new memories more often. This is only possible when you are living in the moment.


If You are Struggling & Need help to Overcome your Stress / Anxiety / Overthinking / Depression, you can Email me Today.

In the last 7 Years I have helped Thousands of People to Overcome such Mental Health Problems & live a Normal, Happy & Positive Life .



Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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