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Every Subject is 2 Subject in Reality

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November 20, 2019
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Every Subject is 2 Subject in Reality


Every Subject is 2 Subject in Reality

Lots of people share with me there Success Stories on “Law of Attraction” and lot of them also tell me that they are not able to Manifest their Desires and “Law of Attraction” is not working in them. Once I take their Phone Counsellings and ask them Questions about what they have learned and practiced till now, most of them are making common mistakes .

People think - What you focus on Expands. So if you think a lot about Money, you will attract more Money in Life. This is not the case in Reality. “Law of Attraction” is not a Simple Subject, you need to learn it in Detail. There are 2 Sides of every Subject. If you think about Money, the Subject of Money is Really 2 Subjects : -

1. Money , Plenty of Money, feeling of Freedom and Ease that Plenty of Money can Provide.

2. Absence of Money, not Enough Money, Feeling of Fear and disappointment that the thought of Absence of Money Includes.

Often People think that they are speaking the words like - “I want more Money” they are Speaking Positive about Money. But when you are speaking about Money or any Subject, and if you are feeling fear or discomfort as you speak, you are not speaking on Subject of Money, but instead you are speaking on the Subject of not enough Money. To understand this difference is very important, because the 1st Statement brings Money and the Second holds it away. This is same for every Subject like Relationship, Health, Career, Business, Happiness, Success, Life Partner, Family, Peace of Mind and so on..

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