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Five Most Common Mistakes in Mastering the Law of Attraction

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September 16, 2022
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Five Most Common Mistakes in Mastering the Law of Attraction


Did you love the movie The Secret? Have you been trying to practice what you learned from it? Do you experience any frustration or confusion about how to effectively manifest your dreams? If so, then read on. The tips in this article will help you bring more of the secrets behind the law of attraction out into the open.

Due to the popularity of The Secret, many new books, CDs and programs have been marketed to help people put these ideas into practice. People such as Esther Hicks (a.k.a. Abraham), Jack Canfield, Bob Doyle and countless others have offered their own spin on the principles of The Secret.

Many of you may have purchased these in an attempt to master the law of attraction and bring the things you truly want into your life. In this article you’ll discover solutions for the Five most Common Mistakes made when people first begin practicing the law of attraction.

Law of Attraction Mistake #1 –

You don’t practice what you know. It may sound silly, but many people who watch The Secret think it’s a great idea but then continue doing exactly what they’ve always done. Knowledge is not Enough, Implementing the Knowledge will give you Results.

Law of Attraction Mistake #2 –

Letting Go is very important to Manifest your Desires. If you think about your Desire every time then you will feel sad and think – ” Why is it not Manifesting?”. You may feel Anxious too. You need to learn how to Let Go your Desires. Because once you Let Go, you will be Happy & only then your Desire will Manifest.

Law of Attraction Mistake #3 –

Sending yourself mixed messages. You have probably heard how important it is to focus your attention on what it is that you want. Often, people think they’re concentrating on what they want, but they’re actually complaining about what they don’t have. They say things like: “I want more money because I’m sick of being so broke” or “I’m going to find the person of my dreams as soon as I lose some weight.” All these mixed messages make it very challenging to manifest what you truly want. You need to Believe in Universe.

Law of Attraction Mistake #4 –

Creating expectations that you don’t really believe are possible. We see it all the time: someone gets very clear about what they want, like getting a Private Jet by next month. Then they start practicing the principles of the law of attraction, but they don’t really believe they can get what they want. The problem is that past experiences can limit what you believe is actually possible for you, and if you don’t truly believe something can happen, it’s almost guaranteed not to.

Law of Attraction Mistake #5 –

Thinking about Past or Future, will create lot of problem in your Life. You will be attract more Negative thoughts and then negative people and situation in Life. Living in the Moment is very important. Giving 30-40 min daily practicing Law of Attraction Exercise is enough, but the most important part is to be happy and enjoy the Remaining Day with Joy and Fun. You don’t Attract what you Want, you Attract how you Feel.

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Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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