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Get 30 benefits in 30 Days using these “Law of Attraction” Practices

Do you have 3 C’s ?
December 16, 2019
365 Days Destiny Tuning Program Success Story – Made 2019 the Best Year of My Life
January 24, 2020

Get 30 benefits in 30 Days using these “Law of Attraction” Practices


Hello Friends, It’s been a Decade now, “Yes” more then 10 Year, I have been learning and practicing “Law of Attraction”. Also it’s been 5 Year now, when I started India’s 1st Online “Law of Attraction” School called - “Mind, Body & Soul” in 2015 January. After Conducting 100+ Workshops and helping 10,000+ people from India and all around the World, we have designed a Master Workshop called - New Year Special “31 Days Mind Power Magic” Workshop.

In this Workshop we teach and make everyone practice 30 Different “Law of Attraction” Practices in 30 Days which will gives 30 Benefits to everyone who follows it Religiously. The Reason why people get 100% Benefits is because we Check their daily Practices, correct them and guide them personally. This is why Results come Quickly. You can read 500+ Success Stories of our Students on our Website / Facebook Fan Page.

Do you want to get following Benefits in your Life ?

1. You will become a very Positive Person with Positive Mindset.

2. You will learn how to make your own Short Term & Long Term Goals in 12 Dimensions of Life.

3. You will learn to follow our Life Book 2020 and make 2020 the Best Year of your Life.

4. You will become more Happier then ever.

5. You will be able to manifest your Short Term Desires in 30 Days.

6. You will become Emotionally Strong.

7. You will become Mentally Healthy.

8. You will learn to balance your Personal and Professional Life.

9. You will master Law of Attraction in 30 Days.

10. You will get a Group of Positive people who will motivate you Daily.

11. You will learn to raise your Vibrations and see life in a different way.

12. You will start attracting Magic and Miracles in your daily life.

13. You can Loose / Gain Weight easily in 30 Days with your Mind.

14. You will be able to manifest your Dream Job.

15. You can Grow your Business in just 30 Days.

16. You can heal your Health Problems like - HairFall / Skin Problems / Pcod and more.

17. You can get free from Stress and live Peaceful Life.

18. You will master Meditation and Law of Attraction Practices.

19. You will learn High Intensity Music Practice to manifest your Desires.

20. You will be able to help people around you with your Positive Energy.

21. You will become more clear in life and Decision Making.

22. You will become a Confident Person.

23. Your will learn Self-Love and start loving yourself more then before.

24. You will start Celebrating your life.

25. You will learn to be Positive in Negative Situation of Life.

26. You will become a Motivating Person.

27. You will learn to heal your Relationship.

28. You will learn how to attract your Soul-Mate.

29. You will learn a Magical way of living a Happy and Peaceful Life.

30. Your life will become Magical.

Do you want to make 2020, the Best Year of your Life till now ?

Do you want to start this year with lot’s of Positivity ?

Do you want 100% Result ?


If "Yes", E-mail me Today on /

You can WhatsApp me on 9428153974 to get complete details of my Workshop and Enrolled before 31st January.

Enrol Today in my Next "31 Days Mind Power Magic" Workshop.

Fees for my Online “31 Days Mind Power Magic” Workshop is -

1. Rs 3000/- for the Online Workshop

2. Rs 4000/- for the Online Workshop with 1 Phone Counseling.

This Workshop will start from 1st of February 2020. Only 30 Seats left now. So Hurry up and book your Seat Today.



Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

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