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How does life exist on planet Earth..?

June 17, 2015
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May 28, 2015
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August 13, 2015

How does life exist on planet Earth..?


Our body needs Energy to survive. This energy is known by different names like Cosmic energy/ Prana Energy/ Life-Force Energy. We get Prana energy from 3 major sources.

- Sun Light (Early morning)

- Atmosphere

- Water

You can also see Prana Energy by your naked eyes. In daylight, look at the atmosphere but don’t look too far. Just look at a distance of 6 ft. You will see lots of small air bubbles moving with high speed in random directions. There are many more sources from where we get this energy like the food we eat. Food contains Prana energy because when we grow them, they get energy from sunlight, water and air.

We humans have two bodies. One is Physical body which we can see with our naked eyes and other is Etheric Body or Astral Body which we can’t see. Astral body is our energy body which consists of our Inner Aura or Inner Energy Field & Outer Aura or Outer Energy Field.

How does our body absorb Prana Energy?

Our energy body consists of energy Chakras (spinning wheels). Chakra’s job is to absorb energy from Sun & Atmosphere and transfer it to its nearby organs. Chakras can be divided into three parts by their size. There are Major Chakras which gives Prana Energy to major organs of our body. The size of Major Chakra ranges between 3-4 inch. Then there are Minor Chakras which gives Prana Energy to minor organs of our body and its size ranges between 1 to 2 inch. Last one is Mini Chakra which is lesser then 1 inch of diameter.

If a Chakra stops working properly, its related body parts will be affected. For example – If your Throat chakra is affected or malfunctioning, than it’s likely you will get throat infection, tonsils or problems related to vocal cord.


In Pranic Healing, we heal the respected Energy Chakra of the effected body part/organ and after healing & supply new Prana energy as per requirement & the body starts to heal itself instantaneously. Physical pains can be healed in 15-20 minutes. Illness may take few healing sessions but within few days or weeks you will be healthy again. Now a days every city in India have Professional Pranic Healers. If you have any physical pain or illness, I recommend you to take a appointment and experience the energy healing process.


Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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