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How does our Soul guides us..!

December 5, 2016
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November 22, 2016
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January 13, 2017

How does our Soul guides us..!

One of my friends had a habit to ask me every now and then – “How do you feel Mohit?” First I never used to notice how I feel in any given moment of life unless it’s an event or something huge. I was busy focusing on other things happening around me. At that moment of time I never realized the importance of this question.

How do you Feel? & What are feelings?

These are the two most important questions everyone know always be aware of. One day I was connecting the dots and then suddenly I realized the importance of our feelings. We just don’t feel anything anytime, every emotion has a meaning.

We are not our body. We are soul, who has a body for temporary time being. Few days back I posted a comic pic which had a deep meaning –


After this post, lot of people asked me – “How does sour Soul talk to us/guides us”. I call it our Inner Being/Soul/Consciousness, who knows everything and who is always guiding us from the first day of our experience on this planet. We have came with a medium through which our Inner Being/Soul communicates/guides us. It is called “Emotional Guidance System.” Our emotions are basically of 2 categories – once that feels good (Happiness/Excitement/Fun/Enthusiasms/Joy/Love,etc) and other feels bad (Hatred/jealous/sad/anger,etc).

Our soul/Inner-Self is always guiding us through our feelings. When we are thinking about things that we want or when we are taking right actions, we feel one of the many good feelings. When we are on right track in life we feel one of the may good feelings. This is how our Soul guides us that keep going, you are on right track.

On the other hand, when we get off track, when we start thinking about what we don’t want in life, our Inner-Self/Soul makes us feel one of many bad feelings. This is an indication from our soul that stop whatever it is you are doing or thinking, you are on wrong track and so change your thoughts and actions to what you want in life.

Many time people are confused to take a decision in life. I will suggest you to think and observe your feelings. When you think about all your options, your soul will make you feel good in some or other options and then choose that option. Lot of people will face difficulties like me in the beginning. It will take some time to observe how you feel when you put out thoughts. You have to be sensitive about your feelings to observe them. More you observe, better you will get. So if you want to take a life-death decisions, you can trust your feelings which is your Soul guidance.

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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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