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How to break the Heredity chain ?

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November 2, 2014
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March 7, 2015

How to break the Heredity chain ?

Passing on traits from parents to their offspring is called Heredity. But what I am observing around myself these days is that people are playing with their lives and they are unaware of this fact. I will explain to you how…

Just observe people around you for a day. Don’t speak, just listen. Observe how they are living their life; observe how they react to any kind of issues. I have done this and what I noticed was something that moved me to the core. People attracting life taking diseases by themselves, can you believe it? I bet you will say NO. Even I felt the same before, but now, what I will share with you will move you too.

I have been an observer & a good listener from my childhood. I am a man of few words, and I love listening to people and observing them. I have been born and brought up in India and here, on an average you will find at least one person in most of family who is unhealthy/sick/suffering from disease and is doing through medication. But what most of these people aren’t aware of is that they attracting lack of health or I would say these diseases by themselves. As I mentioned above, just observe people for a day. When I did, I concluded that majority of people speak of disease, talk about it, discuss about it, share it with each other, feel bad and make others feel bad too. They also give reasons for the disease for example – “My father has diabetes, so I will definitely have it and so will my children when they grow up.” Then they talk about it with everyone in their family and also with their children. They make their children think about it, and the innocent children who are unaware of how Law of Attraction works, get scared and can’t resist thinking about it and taking it within them. Finally, they have prepared themselves in believing and then attract the disease. I have seen heredity talks in more than 50% families that I know.

Law of Attraction says, “You attract who you are”. So if you feel healthy and fit, you will attract more health. If you talk and think about disease and feel bad about it, you will attract more disease which will make you feel worse. I have friends who are 40- 50 years young and they look so young than their age, they are healthy and fit like a newly born child. They know how this law works and they have created a way of living where they talk about health, fitness, they go to gym/yoga regularly or exercise on regular basis. They talk and share about foods that make you healthy and they try to find as many things as possible to keep themselves younger and healthy.

How to break the heredity?

If there is any heredity you want to remove from your family once and for all, it is possible & I believe that “You” can do it. I will help you how to. Let’s take the previous example – Suppose if people in your family are having diabetes for generations but they are unaware about how they have attracted it. Now you will help them by sharing this information with them and before that, you yourself take it and put it in your mind first that nothing is impossible. All you need to do is focus on what you want. If health is what you want then talk about it, think about healthy body, eat healthy food, do what makes you healthy like go to gym, do exercise at home, join yoga classes or anything that makes you feel healthy. The feeling is important. Once you start getting healthy feeling, you will attract many more things which will keep you healthy and fit in times ahead. Spread the knowledge with the world because what you will give will come back to you.

Gratitude will open doors for magic to flow in our life. Be grateful for what you want to attract. If you want to attract healthy body, every day in the morning say thank you for what you have. For example – You have healthy eyes to read this blog 😉 , so say “Thank You god/universe for giving me perfectly healthy eyes to see everything around me”. Similarly you be grateful for your legs, hands, ears, nose, arms, skin, heart, mind, sensory organs, digestive system, immune system, healing system, bones and so on.


“Gratitude is a vaccine, an antitoxin, and an antiseptic.”

– John Henry Jowett (1864–1923)

Once you start feeling healthy, you know what to do. You will surround yourself with people who are healthy and you will begin to talk and think about health and how to live a long and healthy life. You will do exercise no matter what age you are. You will love your body and talk care of it all the time. You will share this knowledge with your children and then you can bring change in your life and in the lives of people around you. This will break the chain once and for all.

Spread this knowledge with people whom you love. Share this blog with them. Let the world know, that we can break the Heredity and live a perfectly healthy life.


Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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  1. Gaurav Bharti says:

    This is very useful for all human kind.
    And definitely will help to change the lives of people.

  2. Venus says:

    Thankx a lot Mohit,
    That’s true and amazing. You opened my eyes again with beautiful fact. I ll follow it and let others know about it.

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