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Law of Attraction Success Story – My Life Has Become Magical in 1 Month

Law of Attraction Success Story – I have Become a Positive Person & Manifest 5 Desires in Just 1 Month
August 4, 2022
Law of Attraction Success Story – My Life Has Become Magical & Now I am Living my Dream Life
August 17, 2022

Law of Attraction Success Story - My Life Has Become Magical in 1 Month


By, Rajat, India

Hello Magical people this is Er.Rajat Bhardwaj I am 23 years old. I am a professional Civil Engineer and a Growing Entrepreneur. I have learned in Mohit Sir's "31 Days Mind Power Magic" Workshop that gratitude is the best attitude to follow in life to make our life more beautiful and positive than ever before.

Today I want to share something that changed my life and made it better than ever before. I will also share that how many desires i manifested and what difference i seen before and after this magical 31 days magical workshop:-

Firstly I want to start by giving loads of Gratitude and love to my Mentors and Host of Workshop Mohit sir and Ayanka mam for creating and teaching the best lessons and teaching & sharing with us in this workshop.


1. I mostly live in the past and future and all stuff.

2. I was not regular in meditating.

3. I was having less wt. of body.

4.I was grateful in life.

5.I was having bad past emotion's in life.

and many more...

AFTER THE WORKSHOP (Todays after completing) -

1.I now remain in the present moment 90% of the time. I enjoy each and every moment of life now.

2. Now I try to meditate daily for 15-20 minutes. It feels calm and positive.

3. Now I have my desired balanced body Weight which I wanted.

4. Now I am more and more grateful in life like 50X more now.

5. I have healed my past negative emotions more than 80%.

6. Now I take responsibility for each and everything whether it's good or bad. I feel happy with it.

and many more changes I have seen...

I just want to say by doing this workshop I manifested my 8 out of 10 short term desires. It's like magic when today I saw that I manifested so many desires . I felt grateful and blessed.

I know it's going Long , but I want to keep it short by saying this workshop taught me to be more in now , be positive , to be more grateful and most importantly taught me the self -love that we should do to us.

Thank you so much guys for reading. Thank you , Thank you , Thank you so much to Mohit sir and team. I am very grateful to you. And thanks to UNIVERSE for all the love and support that it always gives to me.

With Gratitude,




Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

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