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Law of Attraction Success Story – If I can Manifest my Desires, You can do it Too

Law of Attraction Success Story – My Mantra to Success is Law of Attraction & Power of Subconscious Mind
August 16, 2021
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August 18, 2021

Law of Attraction Success Story - If I can Manifest my Desires, You can do it Too


By, Samruddhi, India

Try it, it is Incredible..I am so happy to share my amazing Success Story. I know, I was being very negative before Aug-2017. I tried many things to be positive in life but I never succeeded. I remember one of my senior colleagues from my previous organisation gave me a soft copy of “The Secret” book via Email in 2016. But I never went through it and I literally ignored the magical gift, I can say. In May-2017, I had been going through trauma due to the breakup I had with my BF. I was depressed for 3 months. I was not getting any miraculous support from anyone either. I was not able to come out from this break up.

You can’t believe but I have fasted 16 times to get my bf back. But nothing was as great as what was happening. Then I shifted with my sister and started living together in Pune. That time, she just said why don't you watch that movie “The secret”. She told me about the Cycle story of a small boy from the movie. Suddenly I remembered the book which my colleague was similar one. Finally I was able to see a NEW HOPE of my life. It was after I had a lot of good things falling apart and went through the completed phase of depression. I am really grateful to my sister, my colleague and the secret movie for introducing the magical way to me, with that I can change my life to the Best Life. Thank you thank You Thank you……… I started living very much positively and I learnt to love myself immensely.

So I decided to join Magical Mohit Sir’s “31 days magical workshop” to learn about many practices which I am not aware of yet and to transform my life to get the best version of myself. I feel and experienced this workshop the number 1 workshop I have ever attended in my life. I experienced many positive changes in my life. I am really thankful to Mohit Sir, Ayanka Mam and Ila mam for their incredible guidance and support throughout the journey. I can’t believe it, these people are very down to earth and so magical. They know everything about LOA and they share with us, really great folks I have ever met in life. Means in today’s world it’s very difficult to get these kinds of people, who surrender their life to help the people who are struggling in life and transform their life in a very positive way. I salute them and am grateful for teaching me such precious practices with different activities. Mohit sir always supported me even for my smallest query. He is really helpful. Ayanka mam’s daily teaching and Ila mam’s podcast audios are just splendid. Hats off to you guys.

With this guidance, I have manifested my 6 desires in a month of time. Gratitude and letting go is the main Key.

1. I have started to become more positive and happy than before. Started to live in the present moment and enjoy life to the fullest.

2. I have started to give 2 hours’ time for my personal growth daily.

3. I manifested 1 Lac rupees salary for this month.

4. I manifested to have good relationships with people in my life.t.

5. I manifested kitchen appliances for home.

6. I manifested Rs. 20,000/- of cheque from performing Magic Cheque practice.

I am so grateful I did. This is not the end. I have enrolled in their next workshop on Mindfulness. I am sure I will enjoy and change my life to a higher level. Thank you So Much Mohit Sir, Ayanka Maam, Ila mam for giving us the Secret of Life! Thank you to the universe and God! May the happiness of your future life as you want it to be, be with you all!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

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