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Important Phases of Relationships

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Important Phases of Relationships


In life there are 4 different phases we go through in our Relationship. Each phase has it’s own challenges and fun.

1st Phase is the age from the day we are born to the day we become Adult (18). This is the time period where you must learn how Life works. Lot of kids loose their self-confidence, self-love, self-respect in this age phase because of incidences they experience & the people they surround with.

2nd Phase is from 18-30, where people are struggling to find their Love, their Soul-Mate/Life Partner. Breakups are common these days, everyone wants to be in a relationship but no one is will to make extra efforts. The result of breakups are horrible, self-confidence gone, self-esteem gone, no hope left. Also lot of single guys and girls in India are fed up with their parents, because they are pressurizing them to get married soon, even if they don’t want to or even if they are not mentally ready to get married.

3rd Phase is from 30-35, where you are married and spend time with your Life-Partner. You have to manage your house, job/business, health, time, and also give time to your Spouse. These days people are not able to do it. Everyday, I get mails from people who are going through divorces, or want to get a divorce. Why is this happening ?

There are few common reasons, firstly they don’t love themselves and they expect love and happiness from their partners, once they don’t find it in their partners life starts to crumble and one after another they attract negative situations in their daily life. One day they decide to give up.

4th Phase is from 35-60, where you are a parent. I don’t know what has happened to this generation, people in Metros travel 2-3 hours daily and work for 10-12 hours daily. I know lot of people personally who see the face of their kids on weekends only. Why will your child love and respect you when they grow up if you are not there for them today? People are not aware how important parenting is , specially in 21st century where everything is available so easily on our finger tips. Following old rules won’t help. Lot of parents put pressure on their kids, resulting in high suicide rates in India, and it is going up every year.

In every phase of our Life you have different relationship and responsibilities. Earlier people were happy and went through all 4 phases with happiness and wonderful experiences. But not the story is different. All 4 phases are in trouble and shouting for help. People have so many problems in their relationships that they don’t know whom to ask for help. They are clueless and they badly need help.

If you want help in any of the phases of your relationship, then I would like you to inform about my “22 Days Magical Relationship” Workshop which consist on improving in all 4 phases. I conduct this Advance Workshop only once every year. So don’t miss this opportunity. It is highly recommendable for my students who have done “31 Days Mind Power Magic” Session.

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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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