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Intelligent Energy

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November 13, 2017
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November 22, 2017

Intelligent Energy


We know that everything is energy, but do you know the Powers of these Energy surrounding you ? I have been studying about Energy from last 4 years, the facts which I found out were ground breaking. I don’t understand why some people have these knowledge but don’t share it with the public. These information can be very helpful in day to day life of common people like you and me.

Some interesting facts I found about this Intelligent Energy -

1. You can use this Intelligent Energy to move steel wand.

2. You can manipulate your Food energy and loose weight eating more.

3. You can talk to this energy and get guidance of your unanswered questions.

4. You can make a plant grow faster by giving your Positive thoughts along with this energy working with you.

5. You can Manifest your Desires quickly in just few hours or couple of days.

6. You can ask this Energy to show it’s presents.

And much more Magical things..

I myself have tried playing with this Energy and found lot of ways to use thing Energy to work for me in my daily life to become easy and effortless. Lot of people started asking me about learning more then just Law of Attraction, learning about the next level of Intelligent Energy. So I decided to design a workshop - “The Magic Experiments”.

“The Magic Experiments” is an Online Workshop of 22 Days consisting “9 Magical Experiments” done by 200 Magical Scientist, it is starting from 1st December 2022. Every experiments will be of 2-3 days on an average.

Only those people who have attended my “31 Days Mind Power Magic” Session are eligible to become “Magic Scientist” and join this Workshop starting from 1st December 2022.

To know more about 9 Experiments go to my Workshop link -

- 22 Days

- 9 Fun Experiments

- 200 Magic Scientist working on same Experiments

- Intelligent Energy playing with you and showing you it’s Powers

- Are you ready to have the best 22 Days of your Life by being part of our “The Magic Experiment” Workshop?

To Enroll go to my Workshop link -


Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

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