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Is Self Love truly Selfish ?

July 24, 2017
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July 24, 2017
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July 29, 2017

Is Self Love truly Selfish ?


Some say, self love is not selfish, while some.thinks self love is selfish. Let us look at what exactly self love is. Self love is nothing but being aware that nobody in this world will provide you with love that your own self can make you feel. It is that abundance amount of love in our hearts for ourselves as well as for everyone around us. But, the way we all talk about, behave and act in the name of self love is truly Selfishness.

Self love is way to open up your heart and your soul to pour Abundance of love Into us. When we brim with self love then whatever we are going to spill to others is nothing but love, isn’t it..? But, what people have perceived as self love is quiet rebellious in nature. When you truly love yourself, you are very confident with yourself and do not think about the judgements of others.

When we ourselves lack self love within us, it is then that we get affected by their judgements and react strongly to them by either a abandoning them making the other person feel bad about themselves. With self love, They become sensitive to make the other person feel loved and cherished in the process. Because a person practicing true self love will never make the other person feel unloved. When someone who is very important to you is angry or upset with you, then what other therapy will work for him or her than the energy of your love. A true self lover would never leave this person or break a relationship in the name of “Self Love – I am what I am” attitude.

When a person is angry or upset or disappointed, it is just temporary. The love-in the person, Is still there. It is present in that person just like you, like me, like everyone else. But right now that person Is wearing glasses of anger, hate, and other negative feelings and because of that he/she is not able to see your loving side. So, what do you do then ? If this person is your family or someone whom you can’t stay away from, then the only thing you can do is to be patient and give them a love therapy.

Remind, them how much they mean to you, how much you care for them. Tell them how they come out of such likely situations and appreciate them. These are the true qualities of love. If he or she says something hurting, tell yourself that they don’t mean it, because once the glasses of negativity is taken out, they will see you lovingly.

True qualities of love is to – Give, to forgive, to appreciate, to empathise, to be compassionate, to be understanding, to be patient, to be loving, to boost confidence and to simply allow them and yourself to be.

Do not get into a relationship to be feel loved. It is never possible. Be in a relationship so that you can share love with each other. But, before you are able to share love with others, you need to be brimming with Abundance of self love from within. And our self love tank keeps depleting due to on and off negative situations and people in our lives. So, fill up your self love tank regularly.

Enjoy yourself, Love yourself and everyone else.


Prakruti Mehta

Self Love Coach

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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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