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September 21, 2017
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In today's era, we humans are so busy in making our future a better place to live in. We miss our present happiness for which we once invested our past. We all are a part of an un-ending race of life that lead us to various health issues like body weakness, tensions, depression and also family disputes. Here I share a story.

Once upon a time there was a 6 years old boy sitting in a garden when a fairy appears to him and ask for one magical wish that he wants to live. The boy thought if he could have the time machine that can help him to forward the time and he can skips the unwanted time of his life. He asks for this and got blessed with his desired powers.

Now he is very happy as he didn't like to go to school, he skips that time and directly enters into the evening time that he spends while playing with his friend’s every day. Now when he got bored of this, using his time machine he enters into the college time. In this period also he got irritated from the assignments and exams, hence skips this also and enters into the time of job where he earn lots money but felt lonely so skips this and enters into the marriage period. But here also he got irritated from wife's demands and adjustment problems and enters into the time of having baby. Now he got frustrated with the expenses that he had to pay for the child and home. Now he decides to enter into the time where his child got married.

In all this he realised that he got old and didn't enjoy his life. He felt sad and went to the same garden where he met with that fairy. When fairy saw him sad she came to him again and asked for the reason of his sadness, he told her the whole things that he had happened to him. He felt sorry and sad for not enjoying his life while searching happiness in future. The fairy asked him for the promise of living in the present moment always; she told him that the beauty of life lies in the present moment. She blessed him and took the powers back and sent him in the time of childhood where they met once.

Friends that child was lucky that he got his time back and enjoyed his life. But we might not be that much lucky to get this option and enjoy the missed time of our life. So, we all should live every moment to the fullest, live in present, be happy as much as you can. Life is being in present moment only.


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Sugandha Singla


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  1. Gunjan says:

    Very true….
    Living the present moment is most important as Once time is gone it never comes back and we can only regret 🙂 🙂

  2. Nilakshee says:

    Very useful

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