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Law of Attraction Success Story – I Always Believed in My Dreams

Law of Attraction Success Story – Attracted Dream Job in one of India’s top 10 Firm
October 13, 2017
Law of Attraction Success Story – Became One of the Toppers of the College
October 13, 2017

Law of Attraction Success Story - I Always Believed in My Dreams


-By, Girish Anand, New Delhi, India

Hello Awesome People,

Myself Girish Anand, born and brought up in Delhi. I never had clarity about my aims, goals, dreams. As my friends were doing MBA,I somehow completed my MBA in marketing from Amity University in 2010. I was rejected in campus Interviews 67 times, because of not having much exposure and lacking communication skills. I have experienced many ups and downs in life and earning was the major issue. I was demotivated and frustrated with life, but I had one thing in my mind all the time, I have suffered a lot for job but one day I will have my own business, I will become my own boss.

Meanwhile, I was introduced to Law of Attraction by my Professor in college. I saw a movie called “ The Secret" in 2008 by . But was not a serious follower. Somehow I got a job in Real Estate Industry (had no other option) as a Sales executive in Noida. Initial period was tough, so it was like an average job. Major changes started in 2011. I got operated due to some health issues. Doctors advised me not to work for few months. I had to leave my job. During the period 2012 - 2014, I had to sit home, but I started preparing for Govt Job. I also got a Government job (Clerical Grade) in Kanpur, at the age of 27, having very less pay scale. At that time, I was completely exhausted with studying more. Few major exams got leaked and few got rescheduled to next year. As I was not satisfied with the clerical job, I knew I deserve something big. I resigned from the Government job and came back to Delhi. I was badly criticized by my family, friends, relatives, and almost everyone.I started following the law of attraction again, but again not in a regular way.

I got a job for in Maruti service center on a very lesser salary of 8k per month. Then I worked in FMCG firm. As money was the major issue, again came to Real Estate industry, was getting better salary as compare to earlier jobs. After few months,I took risk again, left job and thought to have my own work (July, 2014 to March, 2015 ) I started pursuing my dreams and working Independently without having any back-up plan or anything. I had only two things with me: A burning desire in heart to succeed and faith on God. Left everything on him. It was really a tough time initially. Starting own work after leaving a job. Things were getting bit tough. As sales was not coming on regular basis.


I was getting bit disappointed at that time as I wasn’t getting results according to my work. I discussed about everything with a friend Shradha. I told her that something is missing. In May, 2015, I came to know about Mr. Mohit Tahiliani by Shradha. She asked me to enroll on the website of Mr. Mohit, as he shares wonderful mails. So I Enrolled my-self and started following. She took a paid session, which started on 15th June, 2015. As I was not able to pay the course fee, she taught me from what she learned in that session. I practiced meditation daily, as she mentioned. Gave gratitude for everything throughout the course and started getting results. Started attracting clients. But was not able to maintain it after the session. I attended a free Gateway to Prosperity session of 10 days conducted by Mohit Tahiliani in August, 2015. It helped a lot for being positive and being receptive for more wealth and abundance.

Business started to grow and everyone was shocked. Everyone thought, how am I able to get business and results in such a crashed market. Confidence level boosted and started feeling great. They started believing in me. As the session got over, I couldn’t maintain the habit of gratitude. And the things started going downside.I wrote to Mohit about not getting sales. He gave some tips about writing magic checks, affirmations. Then I got to know around Diwali about “The Magic Experiment” Workshop Mohit conducted, which started from 1st Dec, 2015. After joining the course, I realized the missing link was giving continuous gratitude and positive/happy feeling. Just wanted to learn and grow. Things went awesome. Session got over and results came in January, 2016.

The new year 2016 brought the greatest gift of my life. I have being got awarded as the best performer/channel partner among the 200 associates. They all are the old chunks in the market. Only 10 people have got awarded. I felt blessed and lucky after receiving the award. Received award by the M.D of the company, who one year back scolded me for not achieving the month’s target. That was the proudest moment for me. When came home with award, tears was there in my eyes. Parents also felt good. Now, they no more criticize me for leaving government job.

Just wanted to show everyone who criticized me of leaving my government job, that I took the right decision. In January, 2016 before starting 21 days Prosperity Session, I discussed with Mohit ji, that many deals were going through, but couldn’t cracked. He guided to practice affirmation, meditation in the Prosperity Session. And here it goes, Just got another sale today, 16th feb, 2016.

Today, I am at the stage, where I am planning to have an office and to recruit a small staff. People who criticized once, they congratulate me now. Those who didn’t believe, they wonder. I find time for family, meditation, health. I am now regular on my Martial Arts classes. I truly believe, there’s much more on the way. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything.

What I learned from Mr. Mohit Tahiliani :

1). Gratitude is the key.

2). Our current thought and feeling shapes the outcomes.

3). Our belief about money and our life matters a lot.

4). Right way of manifesting our desires.

5). Learned about how meditation, vibrations, frequencies and sub-conscious mind helps in creating what we visualize.

I always believed in my dreams, have faith that I will never quit. Looking forward to learn more, grow more. Yes, I deserve to live in abundance. I am fulfilling my dreams. I am living life my own way !!



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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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