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Law of Attraction Success Story – Believe it and Receive it

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September 13, 2019
Law of Attraction Success Story – Best Law Of Attraction Success Story in the World
September 26, 2019

Law of Attraction Success Story - Believe it and Receive it


- By, Jiya, India

“Life is a canvas - You can decide to make it Colourful or make it completely Dark”.

My story is just like that. I have been a big believer of “The Power of Subconscious Mind” for more than a decade. Thanks to MBA coaching prep days of 2005 that instilled in me a habit of reading and that too voracious reading. After my dad lost his business, we were financially broken I was in thirst of solving and making things right . I encountered the book and started reading and finished reading in one whole day. I was surprised myself but now when I connect the dots universe wanted me to read through.

Also, I didn’t know what all the subconscious mind is all about but when I read I was amazed. I felt like something moving off my feat. Fast forward I encountered “The Secret” book by Rhonda Byrne in 2009 when a colleague of mine mentioned to me & asked me to buy. I was in Pune for workshop in Khoregaon Park. I ran to nearby Crossword store and I bought it, but never read it as I could not get hand of it. Then while surfing on Internet in 2011, I came to know about “The Secret” movie . I bought CD and watched that movie for numerous times. From there I got to know, they have a website where people write their stories, I started reading them. But when it came for implementation on myself, I failed.

I met somebody online, she helped me practice affirmations for a while but then she disappeared, and my practice went on and off. When I practiced, I could manifest a Job in Mumbai as I wanted to go to Mumbai, salary raise, a classy culture and I groomed myself but being not grateful all was taken away and I was surrounded with multiple problems like dad unwell, financial problems, I didn’t enjoy my job. Then one evening I joined “Art of living” in 2012 and started practicing Mediation and Sudarshan kriya. Things changed but I was not happy as professionally things were not going right. I encountered problems in different ways professionally & personally and I wasn’t happy. ( I changed 2 jobs post my Mumbai Stint). I joined the Biggest brand in 2016 but was not happy as I dint have a great manager and culture was killing, my mom suffered paralysis, professionally I was decided to put in PIP by my manager. In between I attended a lot of webinars on law of attraction and took lessons by Mitesh Khatri but somehow my frequency of thoughts was not high.

Also, as the fate could take it I got for the first time interviews with tops brands of the world but I could not clear the final rounds as I doubted my capabilities . In my 3rd job I decided something is not going right and I should concentrate on changing my life. Also, I needed somebody who help me in changing my mindset daily. As the universe hears you, It was October 10, 2018 I was reading The Secret website stories I came across a story where somebody wrote the desire manifested because of Mohit Tahiliani sir. !

Without leaving any second thought I searched on him on Internet and searched for his website. I sent him an e-mail. I called him & I had a phone counselling with him 2 times. I felt like I found somebody who can hear and understand my pain well. On his guidance I joined his Online “31 Days Magic” workshop in Nov 2018 and have repeated it almost 7-8 times since then. I became irregular with workshop and I could not reap much benefits. But when I was regular, I manifested desires like -

a) Extra money

b) Change of job and salary equivalent to almost what I wrote in my desire list

c) Completed Registered Yoga Teachers training (RYT) 200 hours

d) Writing assignments

e) I have my own Insta page (Affirmationsdaily1024)( dreamt of having it almost from 2.5 years)

f) Getting up on time

g) Being Happy and smiling

h) Travelling on Vacations

He is an amazing teacher one can believe to have. I am grateful to Mohit and Ayanka. They always pushes me to be happy and says do what makes you happy you will get whatever you Desire. I am grateful to all of you who will be reading this story .

Today I started my Instagram page it all because of Mohit Sir, please follow me on (Affirmationsdaily1024) and connect me on Thank you all

If you need Help in any area of your Life, Email me Today on: /

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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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