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Law of Attraction Success Story – We are the Creators of our own Life

Law of Attraction Success Story – Life is Magical
February 5, 2018
Law of Attraction Success Story – From a Non-believer to a Happy Believer
March 5, 2018

Law of Attraction Success Story - We are the Creators of our own Life


-By, Varsha Naik, Goa

Hello Magical Souls :)

I am feeling very much Happy to share my First Success Story after joining “31 Days Mind Power Magic” Workshop conducted by Mohit Tahiliani Sir & Ayanka Mam.

I was aware of “The Secret” book by Rhonda Byrne long back but I never tried what is said in it before. I had a very rough phase in my life since last two years. I saw on Facebook about Living the Secret page. I scrutinized it , read the Success Stories on that page of Mohit Sir & Mohit sir’s Website & registered for Free 21 days course.

I was fascinated with the free teachings & then decided to apply the secret by myself in my life. It made me positive too but Universe gave me intuitions to join the course & finally I joined this Course. Today I can say that it was one of the best decision of my life.

The best thing is that I manifested 5 of my wishes within 30 days. I also recovered my pending fees from two of my clients. I am also able to attract tax audit during this period. Unexpected client came & paid my fees. Universe is so much friendly.

It was only when I joined this course I realized how Blessed I am. For 30 days I counted 300+ Blessings of my life. It was amazing how much Universe has given us. We all are truly blessed. I realized universe is full of abundance.

Apart from manifesting desires I got lot of other benefits like -

1. I was a short tempered person before. Now I don’t feel angry at all. Indeed a big change in me.

2. I feel much more positive about life & full of good vibes for entire day.

3. Other peoples Vibes or talks or things do not affect me & my mood. I remain full of joy.

4. I respect myself more & block anything that is not beneficial to me.

5. I am not at all worried about my future anymore.

6. I am fully confident now.

7. I help mumma, aunty more now for small things at home that too with full of joy.

8. I feel my life is full of abundance & I am being supported by the Universe.

9. I am able to hold on my Goals for a longer time. I feel stability in life.

10. I feel everything that I seek is already within me.

11. I look at World from a positive perspective now.

12. I also realized, whatever happens in life is for my good. When something bad happens it has hidden gift in it.

13. My Faith is developed in Universe.

14. I respect myself much more than people around me. My happiness is priority for me.

15. I attracted many good things & people in my life during this course.

16. God shows me signs of manifestations if I ask him to show.

17. Also step by step progress is taking place towards attainment of my goals.

18. I started loving myself a lot more.

19. Earlier I had goals only regarding particular areas but now I realized all areas are life are equally important. A balanced life is harmonious.

20. I am full of gratitude for everything I see.

21. Full of positive emotions. No mood swings.

22. I used to get hurt & cry on silly matters earlier. Now I do not cry at all :)

I have also taught the teachings of Mohit sir to my cousin & he is also able to manifest his desires. I realized one thing in life we are the creators of our life. Apart from that I have found one gem friend in my life with same goals & passion as I have & I am really thankful to the universe for it. It was an amazing gift. I also know about my passion now & I want to work towards it.

I am really grateful from the bottom of my heart to Mohit Sir & the team. Thank You Thank you Thank You.

I have now been able to meet the Original me. Life has fully changed for me & I love my life now.

If you want to know more about Life Transforming Online Workshops on Law of Attraction like - “31 Days Mind Power Magic” Session. The Workshop starts 1st of every month. If you want 100% results and to get my personal Coaching as well, you can join this workshop by clicking the given link :


Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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