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Law of Attraction Success Story – From Depressing to living my Dreams

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October 16, 2018
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November 14, 2018

Law of Attraction Success Story - From Depressing to living my Dreams


- By Divya Gharwal, Italy

My name is Divya Garhwal. I enrolled in “31 Days Mind Power Magic” Workshop for some other reason but ultimately I have been reborn with the new Divya as I have reached to the new level of Happiness. Here I am gonna share my success stories and I hope it will be surely inspiring to many of the people.

It all started when I was in deep down in Depression and my Mind was not at all working. I just don’t want to think at all I had nightmares I use to get up from my sleep and use to cry like hell. My parents supported me in every moment, but I don't know how “The Secret” just popped up (I assure you guys this thing come to those people who actually wants change in life not with the people who just always adjust with the life). And that day changes started.

I did not realize that day, but it has. Soon I got an opportunity to start with my own clinic although I am not a doctor but my friend is and she asked me whether you wanna be a partner, if she starts and we did. Within months me and my other friends started planning for a short trip there from one of my friend I gotta know about Mohit Tahiliani and that was the day I decided to do his Online Workshop.

I was so sure that the life is now gonna change and as I mentioned before I was very much in Depression it took me 5 to 6 months to see the changes (as it took me this long time that doesn't mean it will take the same time for you... it totally depends on your energy). I actually started to feel Happy and started emitting Positivity. I did very hard work for recovering myself soon I realized self-love is the base of everything and every magic. And when I started feeling that now I am in the alignment with the universe and that's when the my phone rang. It was my friend and she said do you wanna study further abroad and that time I said her - “I don't have money, I don't wanna give any entrance exam as I am weak in Maths.”

And she said - “We can go on scholarship and on our scoring and if you are lucky enough you don't need to give any entrance exam.” I said her let's give a try and lets get started. We started last year and today I am writing this story from my classroom which in in Novara, Italy. So happy to share this Story as now I am on that level today if I wish today it gets fulfilled within a week then however the situation is. I am really grateful to the people who directly or in directly helped me like Mohit sir, my parents, my friends and everyone. Guys if I can do this you can as well.

Thank You Thank You Thank You :)

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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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