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Law of Attraction Success Story – Dream Big & Attract Big

Law of Attraction Success Story – Manifested Happy & Positive Life
July 25, 2019
Law of Attraction Success Story – Manifested Rs 2,45,000 and more Desires in 1 Month
September 11, 2019

Law of Attraction Success Story - Dream Big & Attract Big


- By, Nupur Agrawal Malani, India

“Those who don’t believe in Magic, never find it!”

I read the above quote somewhere as a child and it stuck by me through years. After I got married I really got homesick and felt very lonely. I started to feel emotions I never thought existed inside me as I was always an extremely happy and chirpy girl. And it wasn’t as though I didn’t have the right kind of exposure, I have done my MBA from UK, worked for 2 years, completed my Jewellery course from Mumbai and started my own business. But something didn’t feel right even though I had a loving and a happy husband but still I felt depressed.

So, when I was at my lowest point in life I came across Mohit Sir’s Law of Attraction Online “31 Days Mind Power Magic” Workshop email lying in my inbox and then I finally registered myself and started my course in December 2016. That one month completely changed my life. It helped me regain my positivity back. And then gradually I started manifesting things. Thats’s when I realised that all I needed was someone to push me in the right direction and tell me the power of universe.

After doing two courses with Mohit sir one in December 2016 and the other one in April 2017 I felt like I bounced back as a Champion. The things I could manifest looked so damn impossible at that point of time that I couldn’t believe myself when they actually became my life’s reality. I got so excited with each manifestation that I started challenging the universe with bigger and better things but with a strong belief that the universe will grant me whatever I want.

My First Manifestation was my Magic Cheque back in 2017 - which amounted to Rs. 2,00,000 and it so happened that I sold a Diamond ring and received the same amount on the exact date as my Magic Cheque for exact 2,00,000/- and My US west Coast trip in April 2017. That experience for me was so surreal that it strengthened my belief in Law Of Attraction to another level. Thereafter, I decided to always manifest a Magic Cheque and a Trip and it became true when I had complete faith in it. Also, I loved to travel but in my new family people didn’t go for leisure trips so often. So now that I had the universe by my side I decided to manifest my trips because it mattered to me more than anything.

So, in 2018 I decided I wanted to go to Europe but the chances looked very bleak but my faith was much stronger in the universe so I didn’t say anything to anyone just made a vision board with my very little knowledge of geography and itinerary. My vision board mentioned - Amsterdam, Germany, Prague and Budapest. I made this in December 2017. In March 2018 my husband’s friends spoke to him about a trip they were planning to go on and asked if we would be interested to join them. When Shobhit asked me about it, I immediately jumped on the opportunity right away and asked him to coordinate with them since I would be caught up with my coming exhibitions. In the coming few days Shobhit wanted to discuss the itinerary with me, but I was too busy with my work and asked him to make decisions as I was on board with anything that he would decide. So after a week when he booked our tickets we were sitting and chilling and he asked me to book the hotels, I just looked at him and asked - “But where are we going?” He said - “Amsterdam, Berlin (Germany), Prague, Vienna and Budapest”

My eyes were getting wider and wider with each place that he was mentioning. Shobhit looked at me and said that yes it’s a little unusual itinerary but they wanted to cover all the party places, so even though it involves a little more travelling I decided to go for it. I could not contain my excitement and I ran to check my Vision Board and to my surprise it had the exact same destinations that I had mentioned. I was on cloud nine for my Euro Trip and the Euro Trip of my dreams. I couldn’t have been happier and since then I have manifested so many trips that I feel like universe wants me to keep flying -

*I had also manifested my USA Trip in April 2017.

*A trip to Goa on my 30th Birthday in October 2018.

*A trip with my best Friends to Udaipur in January 2019.

* A trip to Manali with my husband because he wanted to see snowfall in February 2019 .

*Another Europe Trip to Greece in June 2019.

Sometimes, I feel that I am universe’s favourite child and I couldn’t be more Grateful but with my mentor Mr Mohit Tahiliani’s guidance Universe throws something more amazing at me to negate my thought of “Could I be more Grateful” because I am more and more grateful with each passing day."

Thank you Mohit sir and Thank you Universe.

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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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