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Law of Attraction Success Story – Got Unexpected Results in Short Time

Law of Attraction Success Story – Everything is Possible when you are Grateful & Positive
December 11, 2019
Do you have 3 C’s ?
December 16, 2019

Law of Attraction Success Story - Got Unexpected Results in Short Time


- By, Oorja Srivastava, India

I joined Mohit sir's Online “31 Days Mind Power Magic Workshop” in October 2019 . In the workshop sir told me to write 10 Desires that I want to manifest in Oct/Nov months. I was not expecting results in such short span of time but I manifested 4 desires in October itself and other 4 in November . Here are the details -

1. I desired to wake up daily at 7 am . To my surprise one day I noticed I was waking up automatically between 7 to 8 .

2. I started doing exercises daily in the morning . My friend suggested me an app and I started following it though I wanted to do that since 2 years .

3. I desired to have healthy shiny hairs . I got hair spa that my mother suddenly suggested me and she took care of my hairs after that . I never loved my hairs so much before.

4. I became more emotionally stable and started to laugh and be happy most of the time . I even got compliments related to that .

5. My sleep timings became perfect . I had exact 7 hours of sleep daily . It helped my insomnia problem .

6. I desired to start reading books . In October itself someone out of the blue sent me " The Secret " as a Diwali gift . I have been reading books since then .

7. I started doing meditation daily . I always wished to do that since 4 5 years but couldn't and I am still doing it and it helped me a lot .

8. I started following my Time table . My study routine on a daily basis.

These were the 8 desires I manifested and I believe I'll manifest the other two as well . I never knew the power of being Grateful and to be thankful for everything was so Splendid. Thank you so much Mohit sir for Introducing law of attraction to me .

Thank Universe for everything. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

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