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Law of Attraction Success Story – GRATITUDE IS THE KEY

Law of Attraction Success Story – One Workshop can change your Life
May 9, 2018
102 Not Out – 7 Golden Rules to live “Forever Young”
May 23, 2018

Law of Attraction Success Story - GRATITUDE IS THE KEY


- By Saumya Khemka, India

At times to solve a problem, we need to get to the roots. It is often hard to find the exact reason, however the Online Law of Attraction Workshop conducted by Mohit Tahiliani helped me to get all the answers. I have had an inferiority complex since childhood lacking self confidence and self love. My friends made fun of me and this made me more conscious. As I grew up my circle of friends changed and I started feeling better in life. I did well academically but this never gave me happiness as I never considered myself truly deserving.

After my father passed away in Sep, 2014 negativity started controlling my mind and I found myself always complaining about small/big issues in life. As a result my health started declining and I was struggling physically and emotionally. My life reached a point where I decided not to surrender but to find answers/ was then I found “ Online Law of Attraction course conducted by Mohit Tahiliani“ and without a second thought I enrolled myself for this course.

With this workshop I started practising gratitude along with other magic practices. Gratitude became a daily ritual in my life. Exactly after 15-20 days of daily counting blessings my life started showing positive results. I became more balanced in life. My Health improved a lot, initially I did not notice any thing but gradually I felt all my body functions improved and minor health issues disappeared. I restored my relationship with my friends and family members specially with my sister. I feel I am more polite and generous with people around me now.

I have started attracting whatever I want in my life. I attracted money, admission of my younger brother in my mother’s dream residential school in Bangalore. I feel easy with money and I can take my decisions quickly with the help of my Inner Guidance System. This is because I am more focused on solutions rather than on my problems. Whenever I ask universe for a solution, I am flooded with many. Finally, a big big change that I am truly grateful for Is that I now accept compliments gracefully and love myself unconditionally.

Oh God! Gratitude is such a powerful tool.

Thank You Mohit Sir and Ayanka mam.

“Lots of dreams to conquer, everything coming my way and it’s great.Me going dancing, laughing with loved ones. Perfect it is, Worked for it with passion, oh there I am FOUND.”

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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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