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Law of Attraction Success Story – Happiness is the Key to Achieve your Dreams

Law of Attraction Success Story – Magical Success in Job
October 13, 2017
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October 26, 2017

Law of Attraction Success Story - Happiness is the Key to Achieve your Dreams


-By , Sugandha Singla, Punjab, India

As Mohit Sir says, “We can do whatever we want if we try from the depth of the heart the whole universe supports us in the best way ever” and I too Believe it now.

I belong to Patiala (Punjab) & I came to know about “The Secret” documentary 5 years back. As I was living the life of compromise and sacrificing, I tried to live in my own way by following Law of Attraction but I was not doing in the right way before I met Mohit Sir.

When I was in 9th standard I lived my life as a STAR having a lot of Name and Fame as I was Honored with the best Karate Player of Punjab Award. That’s the most beautiful moment of my life but nothing stays for long as we know after day we have to be ready for the night also and so happened to me also. As I finished my 10th, I had to leave my Game forever. The star life and all vanished away in few seconds. It was like a U-turn for me. I was never ready for that.

I always wanted to be popular and do something for others, but it was like only a dream for me before 1st July 2016. Before 1st July 2016 I never thought that best can come from me now ever again. Although I knew about “The Secret” but was not able to use it on myself. I used to guide others about Law of Attraction. Some of my friends know and followed The Magic book and started living great lives and they also Thanked me & I was thinking, why I can’t use this for me? Why I am failing in my own guidance where is my fault?

But Since 1st July 2016 when I joined “31 DAYS MIND POWER MAGIC” Session By Mohit Tahiliani, my life again took U-turn and the circle has been completed I got at the same place where I left myself. The place where I left Happy Sugandha, I found her again. I have again started walking on the path of my dream - Name, Fame, Popularity & Happiness by helping others I never ever thought that I can do that but I found myself. I started a project that is being appreciated and supported by everyone. People started respecting me & Now people say to my DAD that sir you are lucky having her as your child, they say everyone wishes to have a daughter like her.

And Yes again I am Alive. It’s me Sugandha Singla back after spending or wasting 10 years of life in darkness I got the best SUNSHINE ever in my life. I am thankful to the Universe for arranging my meeting to the best guru Mohit Tahiliani. I am dil se thankful & grateful to the Universe for creating such a great soul Mohit Tahiliani among us.

Sorry Mohit Sir today I will not say Thanks to you b’cos khte hai Thank You bolne se ehsaan khatam ho jate hai samne wale ke and I always want to live under your guidance and teachings till the last breath of my life. You gave me my life back. Sanso ko chalne ko zindgi nai khte, Zindgi tab hai jab hum smile kar sakte hai aur vo bhi bina vajah ke. (Breathing doesn’t mean that we are living a life. Life is when we enjoy every moment when celebrate every second when we are smiling.) I have started living now after 25 years of my life.


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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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