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Law of Attraction Success Story – My Life Changes in 30 Days

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February 4, 2020
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February 12, 2020

Law of Attraction Success Story - My Life Changes in 30 Days


- By, Amit Ingle, India

I Amit Ingle born and brought up in Buldana , Maharashtra. I am doing government job and masters in computer applications. I am happy to share my story with everyone today. My life was really messed up because I was tired of same routine and daily same type of work & living a stressful life because of work load and I was seeing myself in the same place with no growth in my career.

All this really effected my personal life, my relationship with my wife got complicated and we always had arguments and misunderstandings. So I was always thinking I have to change my routine & wanted my life to come back on smooth track but then I tried many things like tried to study for departmental promotion exam but failed to do, as my weight was gained so wanted to maintain my health so tried for running daily exercise but for that also I failed and thought to keep my wife happy but I didn’t get time to spend with her as was living life which was very irregular and complicated with no proper goal and due to mixed up life and failures in everything made me nervous but one day on Facebook I have seen the Workshop details of Mohit sir’s “ Online 31 Days Magic Workshop” and decided to join the workshop.

After I started following the practices of his workshop and sir told us to make the list of our desires which u want to Manifest, then while writing that list I had little doubt on myself, that really will my desires manifest ? or not but then I trusted him and moved on to workshop tasks. Workshop was really awesome, so now I am very happy to share that now I am living happy life life as its unbelievable but now I m doing that and proud to share my routine.

Nowadays I daily wake up at 3 am then I study for departmental exams till 7 am, daily 4 hours.. I will surely get my Dream Job and then daily I do running body workout from 8 am to 9 am, then I leave for my office at 10 am and the environment in my office suddenly changed that every situation changed to positive and got new opportunities like conducting trainings and started getting appreciations in office and my relationship with my wife got very well. I m keeping her very happy we both are living awesome life and due to this workshop. I became very confident, learned to live always happy and learned the gratitude which changed me a lot so I started at positive sides of my life and loved the task of advance celebrations which changed my view and learned meditation which made me a really cool person and my favourite task is high Intensity music practise which is the best part of workshop..

Now I have a Positive Mindset and living peaceful life and now I am surrounded with positive energy. Thank you very much Mohit Sir for the miracles happening in my life. Thank you making my life magical :)

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