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Law of Attraction Success Story – Living a Beautiful Positive Life

Law of Attraction Success Story – Attracted my Dream Job
October 16, 2018
Law of Attraction Success Story – Life is Awesome
October 16, 2018

Law of Attraction Success Story - Living a Beautiful Positive Life


- By Karishma , India

First of all a big big big Thank You to Mohit Tahiliani Sir and Ayanka Bhardwaj Mam for giving us the opportunity to learn Law of attraction, and next Thank you for being Excellent mentors throughout this journey. I had subscribed to Mohit sir Website, where I used to get mails from so many months. But I was a bit stuck up as I didn’t have Job and Finance was lacking.

Finally I was expecting a discount from sir through monthly quiz and I got a bigger Discount. So I finally Enrolled for it without giving a second thought and from that day I was waiting excitedly for the workshop to start. Everything started going positive after that and my gratitude exercise and practices helped me to get a Job finally which is still a total surprise to me as things went so smoothly. Before the workshop I was upset because I couldn’t land a job even after so many trials and people told me I have to wait till Diwali for a Job as my stars are bad. But I finally got a Job after this workshop started. This is Total Magic for me.

My bonding with my family has improved a lot now. Health wise I am feeling better. My friends list is increasing. I also made many friends through this workshop. I am becoming punctual in things which I wanted to be. I have started to heal people which I couldn’t do till now though I was blessed to do it. One of my desires was to teach people Law Of Attraction after this workshop. And I have started that too from my end. I guide people with the basics. It feels awesome to help people.

Another desire at the start of Workshop was to get featured in the Law Of Attraction website for my story. And Magic happened. I was selected by Mohit Sir to Publish my Success Story . And last one, I was manifesting a Certificate for this course and guess what, I got awarded my Certificate too for this Awesome Journey of Law of Attraction with Mohit Sir.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you For this beautiful life changing teachings.

Life is beautiful and full of positivity now.

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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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