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Law of Attraction Success Story – Living my Dream Life

Law of Attraction Success Story – Became Positive, Happy and Healed my Mind and Body
May 31, 2019
Self Love Vs Selfish ?
June 8, 2019

Law of Attraction Success Story - Living my Dream Life


- By Varsha, India

Hello friends, I am going to share my life experiences with you which changed me from a Young - yet boring Girl to a Young - Energetic woman. I was brought up with very rigid beliefs and I was taught to live a simple life - less dreams and desires. I always dreamt that one day my life will change and then I will be living happily. After my college finished I read the book- ‘The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne for the first time. I started loving this book and realized that I can have anything I want just by thinking in that direction. Then I started visualizing a job for which I specified and made a list of what in that job. Within a few months, I attracted my dream job easily. After joining at work, I couldn't feel satisfied due to my work environment and having bad relationship experience.

Then I found Mohit Sir's Online “31 Days Mind Power Magic” Workshop on the Facebook and gave a thought to joining it. So, I joined '31 days Magic Workshop' and dedicated myself to the practices which Sir explained. Then I realized that merely thoughts are not responsible for the life you want. You need to be in the vibration and that was a difficult task initially. But as I wrote blessings list, meditated daily and did many practices- I realized that I have never enjoyed life and wasted my energy in negative ways. Then I continued other workshops- Money, Magical Health, Magical Relationships, Magical experiments.

I am also grateful to Loiuse L Hay for her books and audio recordings - that helped me a lot.

These are the results:-

1. I got promoted in same job and my salary increased.

2. I attract healthy body-my weight doesn't increase because I bless my food.

3. I attract good people. My relationship with my family, friends, colleagues have been improved. I am expecting my soulmate to be in my life soon.

4. I deliberately change my thoughts whenever I feel that I am going to be in trouble or things going wrong. I just breathe and say, "Things are always working out for me". And then suddenly, things start getting better.

5. I travel, shop, pamper myself and enjoy with myself - Self love which every one should learn.

6. I receive guidance from my inner being and make best decisions for myself - this really helps me at work place when I feel stuck.

7. I don't worry about others opinion anymore and feel happy most of the time.I write gratitude journal daily.

I am grateful to Mohit Sir for designing this Online “31 Days Mind Power” Magic workshops in perfect way so that we can learn step by step. Thank you to all Magical people of group for sharing your beautiful experiences and keeping positive vibrations only. I am blessed to have read books of Esther and Jerry Hicks which helped me learn more about LOA.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

If you want to know more about Life Transforming Online Workshops on Law of Attraction like - “31 Days Mind Power Magic” Session. The Workshop starts 1st of every month. If you want 100% results and to get my personal Coaching as well, you can join this workshop by clicking the given link :


Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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