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Law of Attraction Success Story – I Got a New Life

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September 21, 2020
Law of Attraction Success Story – Life is now Positive
October 12, 2020

Law of Attraction Success Story - I Got a New Life


By, Yogesh Gulia, India

In 2014, I got to read the secret book and I came to know about the Law of Attraction, whose practice gave me the government job, but after getting the job, I could not remain consistent and I had stopped practicing the Law of Attraction.

Last year in August 2020, I had a disease that does not have any treatment in allopathic and the doctor told me that you have to take a lifetime medicine, after that my mental condition became very bad. I did not feel like doing anything in my work, I had no attachment with anyone, I was not able to talk to anyone at home and my condition was getting worse day by day and allopathic medicine started to have side effects. I was losing my life and in the same month my transfer was also 80 km away from home, I used to speak in front of God every day that please give me some way and from my inner voice used to say that you will definitely find a way.

One day while I was looking on the net, I came to know about Mohit Sir's Law of Attraction workshop and I attended Mohit Sir's 31 Days Mind Magic Workshop in June and my life started changing from the same day. I also talked to Mohit sir and he listened to me with great love and he told me to visualize every day and I started visualizing from that day itself.

I started living in the present and started living happily every moment due to which my health started improving very well in my first month, I was becoming strong mentally and 6 out of my 10 wishes. After that too, I enrolled in the 365 day Life Changing Destiny Workshop.

The very next month, I got a chance to participate in the Magic Health Workshop and Mohit sir lovingly helped me and told me that you must participate in some sport or do some cycling, today my Stamina has increased so much that I I run 3 kilometers every day and also cycling 5 kilometers 6 kilometers every day, along with workouts and pranayam.

Every day my condition is improving in a tremendous way, happiness is increasing in my life, I am very thankful to Mohit sir, besides this the biggest change in my life is that last year I created a Youtube Channel in the name of Asaan Zindagi Yogesh Gulia but after a few days I discontinued uploading videos on the channel, I got a lot of motivation in the workshop.

I thought I would start the channel again and I wrote it in my desired list, after that I have uploaded 6 videos and my channel is growing tremendously and monetized and viewers are growing and also very much liking the channel. Mohit sir has changed my life, I am very thankful to Mohit sir and I am very thankful to the heart of the universe.

Thank you, Thank you ,Thank you!!


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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

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