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Law of Attraction Success Story – Living a Positive Life in Lockdown

Law of Attraction Success Story – Changed my Life with Proper Guidance
July 1, 2020
Law of Attraction Success Story – Happy Mind leads to Happy Life
July 21, 2020

Law of Attraction Success Story - Living a Positive Life in Lockdown


By, Swarada, India

I’m Swarada Deshpande from Pune, blessed to be part of this Online "31 Days Magical Workshop" started from 1st June 2020.

I know the “Law of Attraction” from 2009 but never did intentional practice as I was not understanding how to do it on daily basis and went through many ups and downs in my career and I started having negative self talk, used to get irritated with this negativity but didn’t find any solution till then.

Further, this year in Covid Pandemic I had a thought to work upon my mindset and then I came across the "Art of Living" course. I did that and while doing that I also desired to attend some workshop which can help me to work upon my positive mind as I sensed lots of negativity around & within me.

As Law of Attractions says “ You desire it and universe gives you” unknowing the practice I came across 7 days challenge of Mohit , I registered there but didn’t practice as per his mails. Later I came to know of the "31 Days Mind Power Magic Workshop" and I was excited to join the same.

And today I'm here - Each day of this workshop is like the start of a sports period in school days. I loved all the games and practices of this workshop as I like to do unconventional things in life. I started vibrating high with excitement and lots of happiness. And slowly my days started to complete on a positive note. Many things started to unfold in my favour. Each sample practice gave its results instantly. And that made my belief in the universe's super power stronger.

Initially I didn’t manifest my desires as I was not clear. But when magic dust and visualisation practice started, my excitement became double, soon I started to manifest my desires. 6 out of 10 desires have been manifested already. Now I'm a better version of myself.

I’m thankful to The Universe & my Mentors Mohit Tahiliani & Ayanka Bhardwaj from the bottom of my heart to teach me these beautiful practices as these helped me so much and increased my strength during my low time. Really blessed to be part of this workshop and learn this magic.

My gratitude to you both and the Universe is beyond my words.


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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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