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Law of Attraction Success Story – Made 2017 the best Year of my Life

Law of Attraction Success Story – I transformed my Life, so can You
December 25, 2017
Best way to Master “Law of Attraction”
January 10, 2018

Law of Attraction Success Story - Made 2017 the best Year of my Life


- By, Manisha Khandare, India

First of all Happy new year to you. I am very Happy to share my manifestations of last year. My 2017 was a kick start with Mohit’s “31 Days Mind Power Magic” Session. It was wonderful year of small and big manifestations.

My belief in God, Universe got strongest in the year 2017. I got complete faith in UNIVERSE because I got proofs which proved it that really whatever we think happens in reality.

In short I understood and got valid proofs of “ Kisi cheej ko dil se chaho to poori kayanat use tumhe milane ki koshish me lag jaati hai”

Here is my list of Manifestations -

1. I manifested International Beach side party with friends in 2017 which was my long time wish to happen.

2. I manifested international trip.

3. I have done paragliding for which I always used to think “ mai kar paaungi”? and the ans was YES , mai kar paaungi and I actually enjoyed it.

4. I manifested a new Job with flexible timings which I wished from my heart since two years.

5. I got alternate sources of money making.

6. I manifested unexpected GIFTS that to too many of them. All the year round.

7. I manifested awesome friends from Magical Group.

8. I healed my minimum two relationships with visible effects.

I learned -

1. How to make things happen for you.

2. How to understand the signals from Universe.

3. How to say NO.

4. How to be practical and IGNORE the things , people , situations you dislike without you getting affected.

5. How to be positive in negative situations too.

6. How to avoid negative people , events, circumstances.

7. How to keep smiling in tough situations too.

8. How to control my Anger.

9. I have learned technique how to send positive vibes to people you dislike.

So many more wishes fulfilled and many more ahead. My 2018 wish list is ready guys and I am all set and prepared to receive them one by one.

Last and not the least - A big THANK YOU and big HUG to Mohit Sir….. God has sent you in my LIFE for a purpose and I am glad and blessed to have you as my Life Coach, when I needed someone in my life to direct me the most. Loads of LOVE to you Sir. It is because of you I got good people and good events in my life. I regained faith in Universe with strong bond.

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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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