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Law of Attraction Success Story – Made 2018 the Best Year of my Life

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June 4, 2018
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June 15, 2018

Law of Attraction Success Story - Made 2018 the Best Year of my Life


-By Deepak Kumar Sahu, India

I came across “The Secret” movie on April 2015 via my business. When I watched the movie, I was really surprised to know that we create our own physical Reality. Even I was more surprised to realise the same when I introspected myself with the happenings of my life in my previous years. I unknowingly attracted things on to me, I had to wait to for it but that I was completely unaware that something could happen this way. When it comes to manifestations, I have been a really lucky one since my birth.

My Unconscious Manifestations:-

1. My first manifestation was on Nov 2012, when I got the love of my life. More than 95%-98% people would think true love does not exists, that's not true. True love do exists else I would not have got one. It happened in such natural ways that it would take more than a page to describe it and that would not be sufficient too to express my feelings and realisations to words.

2. My second manifestation was on April 2013, when I got a job in a MNC when I least expected. During the final year of my BTech, I got rejected in one of the On-Campus interview. That day I promised myself that I would get a job via reference. And after 7 months, it did happen the way I wanted.

At the end of 2016, I came across Mohit's website on Facebook and started following it. I was not aware of his workshop's till yet until my inner gut made me find it while I was going through a very tough situation of my life. I started with my first workshop on Feb 2017, had few realisations but could not make it work. I dint gave up. I was low financially so I waited for the right moment to come in, that was on May 2017, The Mind Magic workshop. This workshop made me realise a lots of things and I continued slowly and gradually with it. Within the next month, one of my desires got manifested and I was so so happy for that. It came out of nowhere. It made my belief strong onto it. By Jan 2018, I have attended all workshops of Mohit till yet.

My conscious manifestations:-

At the beginning of 2018, I promised myself and believed into it that 2018 is going to be one of the best year of my life, a Game Changer, and Yes It is....

1. I got my long pending promotion in the month of March 2018. It was really a great and amazing one.

2. I was lucky to get double digit percent increment this year in my company, when the majority was a single digit increment.

3. I wanted to live alone, to be more of me, to live freely, and TODAY I am shifting to my new room. This was a long waited one and it's accomplished.

4. My 27th birthday was an amazing one... I got lots of love on my special day, got a great feeling DAT day and it was really awesome.

5. For my fitness and good health, I participated in a marathon organised by my company.. My first marathon. It was really amazing.

6. I got rid of toxic people around me, which makes me feel good more now...

7. I have been lucky to find a way to keep the love for myself. That's too great, exciting and awesome..

8. I am very happy to be able to respond to situations in a very calm way majority of times post the Mind Challenge workshop last year by Mohit.

9. I learned to recognise the value of own Self, to love and appreciate self from Self-Love Workshop by Prakruti Mehta. It was so so amazing.

10. I have learnt to let go of things gradually which helps me to maintain Inner peace.

I would like to mention few of my take-away from those workshops I have been to and from the past few years of my life.

1. Letting go of things is the best way to stay happy.

2. Moments should always be cherished for growth, inner peace and happiness.

3. Believe in yourself and you would never be in the need of believing others.

4. Never ever give up, no matter what. Always have faith on Self and the Universe.

5. I believe in clear communication and follow it blindly.

6. Finding peace in imperfection is perfection. No one is perfect, not even me. I commit mistakes and I learn from it and move on. Both good and not good things experiences are required to find your ultimate choices. So nothing to regret, everything to win.

7. You are wholly responsible for what you are today. Positive, be Better. Negative, Improve. (I framed this for myself at the end of 2012 and is currently being implemented in all fields of my life.)

Thanks a ton to Rhonda Byrne for this amazing gift to the mankind. And a Big Thank You to Mohit Tahilani, Prakruti Mehta & Ayanka Bhardwaj for all your assistance, efforts and guidance for making me more of me and helping me to bring myself to the world as The Heart Break Kid.

Thanks a lot Universe for helping me, guiding me and manifesting the real me to the physical world. Hoping for my next success story to come at the right moment.

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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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