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Law of Attraction Success Story – Manifested 7 out of 10 desires

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January 12, 2018
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January 12, 2018

Law of Attraction Success Story - Manifested 7 out of 10 desires


- By Heena Pahuja, Mumbai, India

Hello Everyone, One day when I felt the urge of bringing my happiness back ,to say goodbye to the thoughts that no longer nourished my mind, to make my Soul happy the way it was before. With leap of faith, I sent a mail to Mohit stating how I was feeling at that very moment and the very fact that I wanted to change my life. I wanted to attend the “31 Days Magical” Session asap to unleash my desires.

And a wonderful journey began from that very day onward when I started this session, myself and my life indeed started changing. I manifested 7 desires in these 31 days. Sharing some of my magical testimonials:-

Firstly ,before starting this session I used to get angry on small petty stuffs, crib, cry and complain, but now I see myself a totally new person. I don't cry, crib or complain anymore. In fact I've got moments wherein I've seen tears of pure bliss.

I have a totally new perspective toward life and these days I'm so conscious about what I speak to myself and to others all starts with a thought...

I have started being calm and strong..There are times which arouse my anger but I've learn how to stay calm and what things I should focus on.. I've started being happy again like before cracking jokes, laugh loudly(My friends call it 'Rakshas Style' but I love it),the way I used to-go for walks ,movies, shopping etc..I see my first name Hassi as a reality now.

Initially getting over a situation became so difficult that I wanted to isolate myself but now I'm happy that I found me back again wohooo, What else could I ask for! Feels like that I have woke up and I'm saying to the world:

Good Morning!

All that I wanted to see myself happy and positive and that's exactly what I feel...

I'm more grateful and I want to be grateful always for the blessings that I know and I don't know...

I was very much concerned about my stagnant weight but now these days my scales are going down and my happiness is going up... My happiness knew no bounds when I saw myself wearing outfits that I wished for at some point of my life...Wearing those lovely stilettos that I always wanted..

I do workout or walks everyday without fail.I make sure I walk for at least a hour or so.

When I was talking to Mohit about my weight he asked how do you see yourself fat or fit? So I replied fat and than came the magical teaching wherein he told " like attracts like" ,"What you feel is what you attract" and yes I do that now when I look at myself in the mirror I see myself fit...and my scales are going down...It makes me feel so good.

Coming on to the next one, my family has totally different perspectives, we are like opposites but now it's getting better we have healthy conversations. Everyday I'm doing all this and I would I love to continue this...there are instances wherein I use some practices that we were taught during the sessions they have proved to be so beneficial which make me a positive house. From this session I told Mohit I want loads of positivity and I want to change my life and trust me I see myself going through positive changes and will go through much more.

The tattoo that I got inked(Believe) about 4 years back was mere tattoo for me but now, I really I have started believing that something wonderful is about to happen.

Thank you Mohit Tahiliani, You are an Angel, you have been an angel in my life..words will fall short to express my gratitude..I'm blessed that I came across this session. I'm glad that I have u as my mentor.

Thank you Gaurav Sharma because of which I got to know about this session and helping me out every time.

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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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